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Navy Seals operate both on land and in the water whereas Delta Force operate on land

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What is a better fighting force Delta Force or Navy SEALs?

It's up for debate who the better fighting force is between Delta Force and the Navy SEALs. Both groups are specially trained and equipped. The SEALs were founded on January 1, 1962.

What is the difference between navy seals and delta force?

The difference between the Delta Force and the elite Navy SEAL is that one is counter insurgency(Navy SEAL) and the other is counter terrorism(Delta Force).

What is the difference between delta force and navy seals also what is a better unit?

Delta Force is the U.S. Army component of Joint Special Operations. Navy Seals is training in the Navy.

Can Navy SEALs become Delta Force commandos?

No, Seals are part of the Navy, Delta Force is part of the Army They can if they choose not to continue being a SEAL when it is time to reenlist, and enlist in the Army Delta force, but then they would be Ex-Navy SEALs. Besides, SEAL's dont go for Delta Force, they go for DevGru.

What is the difference between the navy SEALs and Army Delta Force?

there is no difference except the branch of service.

Who gets paid more Delta Force or Navy SEALs?

The NAVY Seals definitely get paid more than the Delta Force. As the top black and special ops outfit in the Armed Forces, the Seals are simply considered the best of the best.

Do Navy SEALs and Delta Force do the same type of fighting and missions?

Yes, the SEALS and Delta Force do have similar missions. These include counter terrorism, along with saving these lives of American captives and innocent people.

Who makes better soliders navy seals or delta force?

Both the Navy SEALS and Delta Force are highly trained, and one is not typically considered better than the other. Both groups are considered the elite of the elite.

What is the best fighting force in the us?

Depends they all do diffrent things/missions. Hardest trained in "U.S" are the Navy seals. But there are more Delta Force and Delta Force are based on British S.A.S (but are no where near as well trained as the S.A.S) If it came between the Seals and Delta it would be to hard to call. Alot of people will say " but Delta Force are waaaaayyyy bigger than the Navy seals" but as the war in Iraq/Afghanistan has shown size means nothing. America has great military might but is losing the war in Iraq/Afghanistan against people who have nothing. so size means nothing.

What is the differences between Seals and Penguins of Antarctica?

Seals are marine mammals; penguins are sea birds.

What teams are there on cod?

Op For, Task Force 141, Spetnatz, Navy Seals, SAS, Delta, Rangers

What US military force resembles the British SAS the most?

1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta ( Delta Force) as Delta force where betterd by the S.A.S in the 60's and S.A.S still help train Delta and Navy seals today. but the S.A.S never teach them "everything" as they remain the most secrative in the world.

Is the us delta force like the American sas from the UK?

I would say yes, the Delta Force is a close American counterpart to the British SAS, and perhaps inspired to a large degree by the SAS. American Delta force was betterd by S.A.S int he 60's and the S.A.S still help train Delta and Navy seals today.

What is the difference between the Navy SEALS and Delta Force?

The Navy's SEAL units are primarily team based / unit based operators, whose missions focus on swift action behind enemy lines. The Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-D, or Delta Force, also does small unit tactics, but the common recruiting factor between all of their members is that they are also outstanding in their ability to work alone, and without support if the mission requires it. SEAL's rarely work as lone operators; Delta Force operators' ability to go it alone when necessary is their key asset. For a great read on Delta Force, check out Eric Haney's book, "Inside Delta Force".

What are the differences between logo and seals?

Logos are for branding and marketing purposes. Official seals show that certain documents, publications, etc, are authentic.

How many American special forces groups are there?

. Rangers(Army) Delta Force(Army) Green Berets(Army) 160th SOAR(A)(Army) Force Recon(Marines) SEALs(Navy) STS/PJ's(Air Force)

Best special forces in the world?

The British S.A.S, the Russian Spetsnaz and the U.S Navy Seals and Delta Force are often considered the best, but there isn't an answer everyone agrees on.

What branch of the US armed forces has the toughest training?

For basic-the Marines unless you are talking more advanced like rangers, Seals, Berets, Delta Force, tc

What are the differences between the indus valley seal and the mesopotamian seal?

Indus Valley seals were square stamp seals and usually had a bull or other animals on them, and Mesopotamian seals had cuneiform writing on them and were rolled onto the clay instead of stamped.

Who was the first xo of seal team six?

ST6 was created by Richard Marcinko after a failed rescue mission of Navy SEALS and Delta Force in Operation Eagle Claw. This might imply that ST6 could be an "improved" version of the Delta Force in some respect. Also it has been a general knowledge that Delta Force was patterned after the British SAS and ST6 training is very much based on Delta Force training with a few extra tweeks. So technicaly ST6 are based on the S.A.S too. Dick Marcinko. He is also known as Demo Dick, Shark Man of the Delta, The Geek, and Rogue Warrior

What is the maximum age to become a Green Beret Delta Ranger or Navy SEAL?

Beret's are between 20-30. Anyone in the army is age-eligible to become Ranger qualified. Doesn't mean everyone who goes through can pass the training though. Don't know about SEALs and Delta Force. They are the grizzly old vets though so they're probably older.

Is swat the best army team?

SWAT is not part of the Army. It is part of a civilian police force. Stands for Special Weapons and Tactics. For military counter-terrorist forces, you should check on the British Special Air Service, the German GSG 9, and the US Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta (Delta Force) and the US Navy SEALS.

What are the differences between seal and penguins?

Seals and penguins are completely different animals. To start with, seals are mammals and penguins are birds, which means that penguins have wings, feathers and beaks while seals don't. Although the seals flippers look like wings, they aren't. They are used for swimming. Seals have fur. Some types of seals also eat penguins, but otherwise they both eat fish.

Who is better navy seal or marine force recon marine?

the navel seals are the most "elite" task force in the US. no one compares to the training that the seals do. the Marine force recon have intense training, but the fact is that the seals endure much more pain and stress on the body.

What is the difference between eared seals and true seals?

The only difference between the two are that one has ears, and one is a natural no eared seals! Simple!

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