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Q: What are alternative names for the Devil?
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When was The Devil's Alternative created?

The Devil's Alternative was created in 1979.

What animal is named after a state in Australia?

The Tasmanian devil is named after the state of Tasmania, in which it is now found. The alternative names for the Thylacine (prior to its extinction) were Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf, so it, too, was named after Tasmania.

What are the alternative names for ileum and duodenum?

Alternative names will be, proximal small bowel (duodenum) and distal or terminal small bowel (ileum)

When are the most common names for the devil?

The most common name for the devil , is the word satan. or lucifer, old nick these are all well known names .

What were the names of the angel and devil on Fred Flinstone's shoulder?

angel was Gabriel, and Devil was satin

What are alternative names for sandwich?

Alternative names for sandwich are hoagie, sub, hero, club, and dagwood. Grinder, BLT, and Reuben are types of sandwiches.

What are good demon names?

The devil.

What are all names for the devil?

They are satan, devil, evil one, Lucifer, antichrist, and a few more.

What is the alternative names of recovery position?

coma or H.A.IN.E.Sposition

What is another name for a dust devil?

There are several other names for a dust devil including desert devil, sand devil, dust swirl and dancing dervish. Despite appearances, they are not tornadoes.

How many times is devil referred to in the bible?

how many times is the devil referred to by his various names in the bible?

What are alternative names for blue?

There are various alternative names for blue. Some of the common ones include sapphire, azure, cobalt, teal, cyan and lazuli among others.

What are alternative names for fire?

inferno, blaze

Alternative names of vitamin A?

Ascorbic Acid

What alternative names are there for Communion?

Eucharist and Sacrament

What are alternative names for a mud hut?


Are there alternative names for Sodium?

Sodium is salt

Alternative names for grandma?

Gran, Nan, Granny, Grandmother.

What is the difference between star delta and wye delta?

There is no difference. 'Star' and 'wye' are alternative names for the same connection. Similarly, 'delta' and 'mesh' are alternative names for the same connection.

What are really cool army names?

screaming devil

What are the names of all the devil worshipers in pop?


What are good names for luvlis on mushi monsters?

good names for those are devil lava badboy

The color emerald green has which alternative names?

The colour emerald green has the following alternative names: Paris green, Veronese green, Schweinfurt green. It was first known as artichoke green.

What are the alternative names for a highway man?

Road Bummers

What are alternative names for mother?

Ma, mama, mommy.