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What are analogies for central vacuoles?

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Supports the plant and the shape.

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What are analogies for vacuoles in plant cells?

water bottle

Do prokaryotes have large central vacuoles?

No. Only plants have large central vacuoles.

What are the 3 vacuoles?

what are 3 vacuoles The 3 Vacuoles are: Food, Water and Central

Do animals have central vacuoles?

No, but they have multiple, smaller vacuoles.

Which cell type has a large central vacuole?

Vacuoles are in every cell.Large central vacuoles are in plants.

What does the central vacuoles do?

The central vacuoles in plant cells store water and some nutrients for the cell. In animals, most of the vacuoles hold water or waste.

What are analogies for vacuoles?

Warehouses would be an analogy for vacuoles. Vacuoles are storage areas that contain nutrients, water, etc. for the cell's later use. They are very much like warehouses. Another analogy could be a refrigerator.

Do central vacuoles contain DNA?


Are there large central vacuoles in animals?


What part of cell is filled with cell sap?

Cell sap is in vacuoles. In large central vacuoles

What is the larges organelle in plants?

Central Vacuoles

What is the central vacuoles function?

The central vacuoles primary function is to transport water and minerals throughout each and every cell inside of a green plant.

What is the major physical difference between vacuoles in a plant and vacuoles in an animal?

Plant cells central vacuole is much larger than an animals vacuoles.

A central vacuole forms from what?

The fusion of smaller vacuoles.

Do animals have central vacuole?

No, but they have multiple, smaller vacuoles.

A central vacuole forms from?

the fusion of smaller vacuoles

Is central vacuole a plant animal or both?

central vacuoles are found in plant cells

Do animal cells have large central vacuoles?

No but plant cells have them!

What do central vacuoles store?

it can store food,waste and water. (:

A large membranous sac in plant cells?

Central vacuoles

What is a central vacuole forms form?

the fusion of smaller vacuoles

Are central vacuoles in plant or animal cells?

animal cells

Are large central vacuoles found in plants and animals?


What cell has the central vacuole?

The majority of plant cells have vacuoles.

Do carrots have vacuoles?

Yes, carrots have several types of vacuoles with the main being the large central vacuole as well as several smaller vacuoles that contain the proteins that give the carrot it's color.