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apple cider is a drink made from apples

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Does applecider vingar help rid belly fat?


Is there a substitute for sherry vinegar?

That really depends on what you are cooking? Maybe applecider vinegar?

How tall is Beyonce?

Beyonce is 5' 5" and as tall a porkchop, and applecider stacked ontop of eachother!

How can you remove sweat smells from clothing?

Sure! use baking soda and vinegar. (white or applecider will work).

What foods are most likely to cause heartburn?

idk but a chicken sandwhich causes heartburn for me I know it is not a food but i drank ALOT of applecider amd i got bad heartburn

What can possibly accelerate the weight loss?

try honey and cinnamon tea 2 tbs of honey and a couple shakes of cinnamon but trust me dont try applecider vinegar it tastes repulsive and i threw up

What kinds of vegetables are good for diet?

From my own personal experience all the greens been helping me,some I just eat raw with applecider vinegar,and brocolli and sprouts a lil streamed seasoned with red chili powder.I had a big problem with wieght control and this has been helping me

Does vinegar and cranberry juice clean out marijuana from body?

From my experience with this YES it does. I have tried this method 3 times and am currently trying it again. One time I even tried after having smoked 2 days before my test. This has been a very effective method for me but I do not recommend this as an end all be all. My success with this has been a regiment of 1 double shot of unfiltered organic applecider vinegar 3 times a day. (Usually after a meal) Combine this with at least 2 32 oz. containers of Pure Cranberry Juice and at least a gallon of water a day for at least 2 to 3 days.