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On one side you have the for the other against. The for side probably say it is necessary for the animal testing because animals are about the same as humans. On the against we have that is is wrong because it can cause the animal harm and such things. But there should be a deceased animal instead of living.

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Arguaments against animal abuse?

you spelled arguments wrong! anyway, there are many arguments against animal testing. people can use skin cells, computer testing, or non animal models. animal testing needs to be stopped! it is wrong. there are more accurate and humane answers for testing products!!!

What are arguments against cosmetic animal testing?

Cosmetic animal testing is wrong!! it is hurting the little rabbits :( i dont like it :( not atall ;(

What are arguments for and against on testing on animals?

Some of the arguments for are that it saves human lives, humans are superior to animals and the animals do not know that its happening. Some of the arguments against animal testing are its cruel to animals, animals have rights as well, you should treat animals the same as humans and theres alternatives out there to animal testing. On one side you have the for the other against. The opposing position against probably says it is nessacary for the animal testing because animals are about the same as humans. On the against position animal testing is wrong because it can cause the animal deadly pain and diseases. But I think there should be a human in the place of an animal because animals have feelings.

Who are the stakeholders against animal testing?

people who are against animal testing.

What are the arguments for animal testing in psychology?

dont know and dont care

How many people are against animal testing?

Alot of people are against animal testing, but then again alot of people are for it.....

Who is against animal testing?

i am who else?

Thesis statement about animal testing?

WHats a good thesis statement against animal testing

What are arguments for and against testing on animals?

Any serious argument against testing on animals. Drugs and diagnostics, toxicity and surgery etc. must be tested on someone.

What do religious people think about animal testing?

The opinion on animal testing is usually a personal opinion not based on religion. For instance, I am Catholic and I am vehemently against animal testing; however, I do know Catholics who are for it. I know atheists who are for and against it, etc.

Does the use of DNA testing support or weaken the arguments against the death penalty?

its because its not valid

What arguments do people put forward against animal experimentation?

I dunnoo

Organisations that are against animal testing?

RSPCA and Safe

What is a good title for a persuasive essay on animal testing and you are against it?

is the testing really worth it

What are the aims of PETA?

Their aim is to stop animal cruelty. They are against animal testing.

Who decides what the stakeholders are in animal testing?

I think it would be the companys who animal test, people who use the product (suporters), and the people who are against animal testing.

What people are against animal testing?

People who are against animal testing are caring people. they know how much pain an animal goes throught when being test on. It is a very cruel thing. they animals know nothing except cages, confinement, and going throught pain. PEOPLE WHO ARE AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING ARE GOOD PEOPLE!! I should know... Im against animals teting..

Are more people against animal testing than with animal testing?

In Europe there is a total ban on cosmetic animal testing. Most US companies that do not test on animals list on the package as cruelty free.

What are some questions that someone against animal testing would ask in a debate?

Why would you do animal testing? Do you not ever think about yourself and being forced to do something against your will? Put yourself into there shoes.

Arguments about animal product testing?

there is no argument it is completely wrong! sorry but your stupid if you support animal testing! animals are killed every day just for if you ask me id say we are all animals for allowing them to be killed!

Arguments for an against genetic testing?

for: we can make decisions based on the results of the test against: very painful, expensive and sometimes false or negative results

What are some questions for animal testing It's for school. Against?

How much does the animal weigh?

Do animal rights advocates not believe in drug testing on animals?

Almost all animal rights activists are adamantly against testing drugs on animals.

What are names of organizations who are against animal testing?

P.e.t.a. The humane society

What are some arguments against cosmetic testing on animals?

No one has a moral right to bring suffering on any creature especially for the sake of making money. The testing causes the animals pain, the reason for which escapes the animal because of their lack of intelligence. That does NOT make them increasingly tolerant to pain.

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