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This is a very vague question. Best that can be done is describe an asteroid. Asteroids very greatly in size, some are as large as planets. Asteroids generally have an irregular shape (Not rounded by its own gravity like a planet.) Most known asteroids lie within the asteroid belt, but many do not have a regular orbit. I would say, the closest thing to an asteroid, would be a meteoroid, which is basically a small asteroid and is often just a piece that has broken off of an asteroid.


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Comets are dirty snowballs, meteoroids are small parts of asteroids, and asteroids are similar to the material that formed into the planets.

If organisms have similar genes, then they are closely related.

Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) are not normally considered to be asteroids even though some are very similar to asteroids. We keep finding more KBOs and there must be thousands of them.

I don't think any have ever been analyzed that closely. But it would be very, very unlikely. Asteroids do not have atmospheres.

Phobos and Deimos have characteristics (reflectivity, spectra, density) similar to carbonaceous asteroids.

They check the DNA to see how similar two organisms are then group them appropriately. If they are similar, they will be more closely grouped. If they are less similar, they will be less closely grouped. For example, the genes of humans and chimpanzees are between 95-99% identical, so they are closely grouped together.

Herons are similar to egrets and so are Spoonbills and storks which are closely related to Egrets.

Similar means closely related and contradictory means opposite.

Scientist say that a large sum of asteroids did a big bang and the asteroids created the lava core in the center of the Earth, when the Earth spun the heat cooled down so that bits of rock and environment could form. So according to scientist asteroids created Earth. Basically he means that earth was made from rock

Clusters is a group of similar objects growing closely together.

Organisms having the same or closely similar genotypes.

In fact the organisms are closely related because the DNA sequences are more similar. DNA sequences are more different as the organism differs.

Comets and asteroids are similar in that they are both parts of the solar system left over after formation. They both orbit the sun. They have irregular shapes because they are not massive enough to form circles like planets. They spin strangely because of their shapes. They frequently crash into Earth.

Comets are Comets and Asteroids are Asteroids

A tissue is composed of a closely knit group of cells that are similar in form and function

Asteroids (or perhaps "rogue asteroids").

Not usually, but the closely similar element chlorine often is.

Copperheads and cottonmouths are closely related to the rattlesnakes.

No. Though all dogs share a common ancestor, they are not closely related, despite looking similar.

the asteroids crashed in Asia have 1000 asteroids

THe Saturn Rings are a "Belt" of asteroids that have all found a similar orbit around Saturn. They are made after a collection of asteroids fall into the same orbit, and when observed from a distance, look like the classic "rings".

No, asteroids are not luminous

No asteroids have atmospheres.

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