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Herons are similar to egrets and so are Spoonbills and storks which are closely related to Egrets.

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Q: What birds are similar to an egret?
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What is a birds plume?

There are many white plumed birds such as: the cattle egret.

Is the flamingo an egret?

No, a flamingo is not an egret. They are two different kinds of birds. They are, however, related to each other.

What beach birds begin with the letter E?


What preys on a white egret?

Predators of an egret are raccoons and vultures, as well as other birds. Humans are also a threat to egrets, because they sometimes encroach on where the birds live.

Is a heron a vertebrate?

Nope, an egret is a feathery bird! -f

Why do black birds look up towards sky?

Answer Because that's the color God gave them. Some are white, like the great egret and snowy egret..The reddish egret is a purple reddish color.

What are the small white crain like birds in Texas?

we call them tick birds but they're a type of egret, or heron.

Why was the egret hunted?

The egret was hunted for it's spectacular plumage. In the 19th century, the egret was highly valued for adornment on ladies' hats. The headgear of those ladies could often include entire whole stuffed birds as ornamentation.

What birds are in Arkansas?

American Coot,Baltimore OrioleBarred OwlAmerican White PelicanCattle Egret

What dose a snowy egret eat?

The birds eat fish, crustaceans, insects and small reptiles

Does a great egret have an exoskeleton?

No, all birds are vertebrates, meaning that they have an internal skeleton just like you and me.

What is the name of the African wading bird?

There are many African wading birds. It could be an Ibis or an Egret.