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What are baby beef ribs?


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The U.S.D.A defines baby beef as follows: "Baby beef" and "calf" are 2 interchangeable terms used to describe young cattle weighing about 700 pounds that have been raised mainly on milk and grass. The meat cuts from baby beef are smaller; the meat is light red and contains less fat than beef. The fat may have a yellow tint due to the vitamin A in grass.

Baby Beef Ribs would simply be the short ribs taken from such animal.


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Baby back ribs, are ribs that come from a young animal. An example, are beef ribs, if they are baby beef ribs, the ribs came from the calf, instead of the full sized cow.

Yes beef back ribs are the same as short ribs. Usually beef back ribs are cut shorter than beef back ribs.

There is one major BIG difference. Beef back ribs come from beef. Spare ribs come from pork; beef has no "spare ribs".

spare ribs are on top of the rib cage chest baby back r on the back and short ribs are cut against the grain. Duly noted. Additionally helpful information would be that back ribs, be them beef or pork baby back ribs, are called so because the literally come from the back of either the cow or pig. These can often have a plumper meat to bone ratio. As is my understanding, beef finger and pork spare ribs are physically more frontal. St. Louis are just trimmed pork spare ribs Beef short ribs are cut against the direction of the ribs so one length of them features evenly spaced cross sections of ribs that run it's width

Yes, beef ribs are larger but there is more meat on pork ribs.

Beef ribs are made from cow, Pork ribs are made from pig. Beef ribs are also generally more expensive. Especially since the "swine flu" episode.

Baby back ribs are pork- Baby back ribs (a.k.a. loin ribs, back ribs, or Canadian back ribs) are taken from the top of the rib cage between the spine and the spare ribs, below the loin muscle. The designation "baby" indicates the cuts are from market weight hogs, rather than sows. They have meat between the bones and on top of the bones, and are shorter, curved, and sometimes meatier than spare ribs. "Spareribs" or "side ribs", are taken from the belly side of the rib cage, below the section of back ribs and above the sternum (breast bone). Spare ribs are flatter and contain more bone than meat. Beef short ribs are similar to spare ribs but cut from the cow not the hog.

There are two types of ribs sold in stores. One type is Beef and the other type is Pork. Ribs can be bone-in or boneless. They come in many different variations such as riblets, baby back ribs, country ribs and spare ribs.

Yes, you can use beef spare ribs in place of short ribs for some recipes.

I know of a website I have ordered from them several times with great service and most of all great ribs!

Actually YES! Chilis does have Beef ribs but not in the USA. The serve Beef ribs in Countries where religion prohibits eating Pork. Verified as I have eaten them in both Oman and Dubai.

Yes, you can make ribs in a crock pot or slow cooker. Check out these recipe:

No, braising ribs is not the same as barbecuing short ribs. Also, short ribs almost always refers to pork ribs, and you have mentioned you want to know more about beef ribs. Take a look at for more information.

Baby back ribs, bacon, beef, bologna and bratwurst are meats. They begin with the letter b.

Yes you can, the most common cut of beef for smoking are ribs.

They are the same thing. They are know as baby back ribs, loin ribs, and Canadian back ribs.

Figure that half a rack of baby back or St. Louis pork ribs per person is not enough, but a full rack is too much (well -- for some people). If you're using beef ribs, figure 3-4 large ribs per serving and you'll be safe. Id' go got 75 racks of baby backs, 60 racks of St. Louis. For beef, talk to the butcher -- I can't translate this into sides.

Ribs may either be pork or beef. The preference is typically more regional than anything else. Texans seem to prefer beef ribs over pork. Most of the Deep South prefers pork ribs. When buying ribs in the grocery store, the label should indicate whether they are pork or beef. If the label is missing this information, ask the butcher.

Short Ribs generally come from beef cattle. They are a popular rib cut from beef and often known as 'Jacobs Ladder' in the UK. They are a particularly tender cut of beef.

I could eat a whole rack of beef ribs! My uncle ribs me all the time about my red hair.

Not much. Short ribs are cut horizontally across the bottom of the beef rib cage, so a cut of short ribs will normally include 3 of 4 ribs in the meat. Flat ribs tend to be cut vertically along one of the front ribs. However, a thick cut of short ribs and a wide cut of flat ribs would essentially be the same thing. I believe the Americans use the flat rib cut more and the British use the short ribs, though I'm not sure.

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