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they are called neonates!

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Q: What are baby cobras called?
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Do cobras reproduce?

Of course, otherwise where do "baby" cobras come from?

What is a group of cobras is called?

a group of cobras is called a quiver.

What is a cobras group called?

A group of cobras is called a quiver

What are the size of baby cobras?

no answers

What is a group of cobras called?

A group of cobras is called a quiver

What are mother king cobras called?

King Cobras

Who looks after the baby cobras?

Nobody, they fend for themselves.

Do king cobras live in herds?

King Cobras live in herd of 6 . A herd of King Cobras is called a quiver.

When do king cobras start to reproduce?

other baby snakes

What group of sea creatures are called a quiver?

Cobras, a "quiver of cobras". URL: Cobras, a "quiver of cobras". URL:

How do baby king cobras hatch?

like any other egg

What do baby cobras eat?

Rats, mice and other small rodents.

What is a group of Cobra called?

A group of cobras is called a quiver

How do King Cobras carry their young?

King Cobras DON'T carry their young after birth. After birth they leave their young to the place of birth so the baby King Cobras have to take care of them selves to danger.

What is a group of cobas?

A group of cobras is called a quiver

How many king cobras are left today?

there are about 748 king cobras in the world that are left. King Cobra's eat other snakes and are also canabilistic which is why the female will desert her nest shortly before the baby cobras hatch

How many baby cobras are born at one time?

Baby cobras are laid, not birthed. In general cobras lay 12 to 60 eggs at once (depending on breed), and it is rare that all of them hatch at the same time, so the best guess is the whole nest timing - 12 to 60 all together.

Can baby cobras venom kill?

Yes No it depends on the age if they are over 6 months then yes

What species is a cobra?

Cobras are bot a single species. There are around 30 different species of snake that can be called cobras. All are members of the elapid family.

Are cobras mammals?

No, Cobras Are Reptiles.

Do baby king cobras have venom?

Absolutely! They are just as deadly when first hatched as the full-grown adults!

Are cobras hunted?

yes cobras are hunted

Do cobras live in Australia?

No. There are no Cobras in Australia.

Where are cobras native?

Cobras are native in Africa.

Cobras skin is?

What is Cobras skin like