What are binding spells?

Binding spells are spells that stop a specific person from causing you and themselves harm. It stops them from doing anything negative to you and anyone else. These spells are to be used as a last resort when all else has failed and should NEVER be used to harm the other person.


The above answer is correct, but there are other parts to a binding spell than binding other people. You can also bind yourself, or bind an emotion, or bind a nasty rumor, or bind a nasty habit like smoking. You can bind concepts as well as people and things.

A agree with Never using a binding spell for harm. But binding yourself, for good reasons, is always acceptable. For example, you can do a binding spell to bind your cravings for cigarettes to help stop smoking. Only in the rarest, most rare cases is it ok to bind someone else without their express permission. For instance, if your friend is cutting themselves and is talking about suicide. But even then I would be weary. Even if nothing else can be done (ie, therapy, counseling, convincing them to stop, even telling their parents), still look for another option. If nothing, absolutely nothing comes up, then do it. BUT, BUT prepare for the consequences of your actions. You must fully accept what Karma is coming your way.