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In referring to blood, the four major components that make up whole blood are RBC's, WBC's, Plasma and Platelets. Fractions are included in each of the 4 components. Examples include: Immune Globulins, Albumin, Clotting Factors etc.
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What is blood?

Blood is a special bodily fluid that carries blood plasma (water in your blood), oxygen, and many other nutrients that helps sustain your cells (Erythrocytes, Leukocytes and Thrombocytes), organs, tissues and many other kinds of organic matter in your body, it gets it's color from Hemoglobin and, al ( Full Answer )

What are fractions?

Fractions are numbers used to name part of a whole or a part of a set. . have a numerator ( top number) . have a denominator ( bottom number) . there are many types of fractions: proper, improper, and equivalent fractions. . There are also mixed numbers and common denominators.

What does blood do?

The function of blood is to transport oxygen (O) from the lungs to body tissues and organs, to transport carbon dioxide (CO2) from the body tissues and organs back to the lungs to be expelled, to transport hormone chemical messengers, to transport nutrients absorbed from digestion to other areas of ( Full Answer )

Who are the bloods?

The bloods are a gang that was created in Los Angeles during the year of 1971. Their color is red, they are rivals to the crips, and in California they are a black gang, but their race may include Latino in other states.

What is a fraction?

A fraction is a way of representing division of a 'whole' into 'parts'. The Numerator is the number of parts chosen, and the Denominator is the total number of parts. A fraction is a division problem, basically: ½ means "one divided by two" ¾ means "three divided by four" Another w ( Full Answer )

Why do you have blood?

Blood carries oxygen molecules throughout the body and collects carbon dioxide away from your body. It helps to maintain the balance between the two respiratory gases.

What does your blood do?

Blood is the body's transport medium: it transports substances around the body. It carries hormones, nutrients, water and oxygen to places they are required(eg the muscles) and transports waste products such as carbon dioxide to places where they can be excreted. In a pregnant woman, the mother's an ( Full Answer )

What is in the blood?

Blood consists of plasma, red blood cells, and white blood cells. The red are for transporting oxygen, and the white are for killing things that should not be in the blood. The plasma is 55 % of the blood. The plasma is there for moving things that are not gonna be used anymore, like C02 urin, and ( Full Answer )

What is the blood?

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What does the blood do?

your blood goes through out your body delivering nutrients There are many:- Transporting hormones round the body Transport glucose and oxygen to different parts of the body.

What fraction does the liquid blood represent?

Fraction of what? about 70% of a 70 kg adult is water --- or about 50 liters blood volume is about 5 liters (or 10%) but remember, about half the blood is cells (mostly red), so the plasma is about 2 and 1/2 liters

What is a fraction of a fraction?

A fraction of a fraction is yet another (usually smaller) fraction. For example 1/4 of 1/3 = (1x1) / (4x3) = 1/12 Only when both or one of the fractions is an "improper" fraction (larger than 1) does the multiplication give a result that is larger than the beginning fractions. For example : 7/4 ( Full Answer )

Why is a fraction a fraction?

A fraction is a "fraction" because it represent a number of smaller "pieces" or "parts" of a whole. For example 1/3 represents one of three equal sections of a whole object (1). The fraction 2/3 is equal to two of those parts (thirds) of the whole. Sometimes fractions will be "improper" with a large ( Full Answer )

How you get in the bloods?


Which substance is obtained by fractionation of human blood?

Fractionation of whole blood is a process where the blood is separated into its different components. These form three layers - blood plasma, a buffy coat which is a mixture of white blood cells and platelets, and red blood cells (erythrocytes).

How do you do a fraction?

In mathematics, Fractions are used to express parts of a whole. In general written as a Numerator/Denominator. For example 1/2. It can also be thought of as division. A complex Fraction is a whole number and a fraction. For example: 3 1/2 However, the complex number can also can also b ( Full Answer )

What are blood?

Blood is a specialized bodily fluid that delivers necessary substances to the body's cells (in animals) - such as nutrients andoxygen - and transports waste products away from those same cells.

When multiplying a fraction by a fraction why do you get a smaller fraction?

Fractions are just numbers. If you multiply a number by one, you get the same number. If you multiply a number by a number smaller than 1, you get a smaller number. If you multiply a number by a number bigger than one, you get a larger number. Dealing with fractions doesn't really tell you anything ( Full Answer )

How can a Jehovah witnesses accept secondary blood fractions if blood giving is prohibited?

Hi I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and would like to try to answer your question for you. We follow the scripture at Acts 15:29 that states "keep abstaining from blood" and therefore do not accept blood transfusions. However there are many other things doctors can do without giving you a blood trans ( Full Answer )

Why can Jehovah witnesses accept secondary blood fractions because they can pass the barrier of the fetus while primary fractions as white blood cells also pass and are forbidden?

Blood is the combination of all the ingredients together. These smaller ingredients are not blood. Many of these are found in the food we eat every day. Many are found in vaccinations that our children have to get to attend school. These fractions are up to the individual to become informed and deci ( Full Answer )

If secondary fractions are allowed because they are no blood why are primary fractions prohibited because they are also no blood white blood cells are part of the mother's milk?

This is a natural thing that God has provided for mothers. It is unthinkable that He would give us this gift and then condemn us for using it. Not all traces of blood were removed from animals that were eaten. If an animal was slaughtered and the blood was poured out on the ground to honor God, then ( Full Answer )

Who is the intelligent inventor from the watchtower for the madness to prohibit the giving of blood but allow to receive the secondary blood fractions in any case it is not Jehovah?

Answer 1 The taking of blood fractions is up to the individual to decide. This is because the Bible does not say anything about these fractions, and some people feel they are blood so they will not take them. Others feel they are NOT blood so it is OK to take them. We do know that Jehovah said ( Full Answer )

Fraction of minor blood what are they?

you have the four major components of blood. red blood cells, white blood cells, platets and plasma. not too sure on the last one. anyways, the each component can be broken down even further and you will get fractions of them. so basically whatever the component is made up of, is the fraction of the ( Full Answer )

How can you be a blood?

Recruitment is often influenced by a recruitee's environment. Bloods recruit heavily among school-age youth in predominantly poor African American communities.

If blood must be poured on the ground where are the blood fractions the Jehovah witnesses use derived from?

It seems unlikely a witness would donate their blood if it may be used for a transfusion (and therefore break God's law). So I assume blood fractions would have to come form blood donated from non-witnesses.. Your question would be an interesting one for a Witness to consider when making their deci ( Full Answer )

If abstaining from blood does not allow taking a major fraction why does Jehovah witnesses allow a fraction of a fraction?

Since the Bible commands us to "abstain from blood" accepting blood fractions is left up to the conscience of the individual witness. Some are OK with fractions, considering them no longer blood. Others refuse them also. ANSWER FROM ONE OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES... As we know and can see from the Bo ( Full Answer )

If it is wrong for a Jehovah witness to donate blood where does the blood fractions they use come from?

Since the Bible commands us to "abstain from blood" accepting blood fractions is left up to the conscience of the individual witness.. Some are OK with fractions, considering them no longer blood. Others refuse them also.. It seems unlikely a witness would donate their blood if it may be used fo ( Full Answer )

What do you no about fractions?

well i know that you cant spell KNOW. also that fractions are fractions of a number ex: the fraction of 1/2 is half of one whole.

Fraction of a fraction?

fraction of a fraction means fraction times fraction. Note: of in Math means multiply Example: 1/2 of 1/3 = 1/2 x 1/3 = 1/6

What does blood have in it?

Blood is made up of several components thatare critical to the functions of the body and keeping it alive.Plasma cells bring water and nutrients to the body and water wasteto the kidneys for excretion. Red cells supply oxygen to the bodywhile white cell protects the body for disease and illness.Fina ( Full Answer )

How can you get blood?

Erm what do you mean get blood? You could prick yourself in the finger with a needle and walla there's blood.

Why are fractions called fractions?

fraction in general means a part.. unlike other numbers fractions convey little more information the denominator gives the total no parts a unit is divided in to and the numerator convyes abt no of parts out of total no of parts(denominator). most simple way to understad is considering a half(1/2) a ( Full Answer )

Why do you have fractions?

Fractions are a way of saying "I have part of something but not the whole thing."In other words it is a way of expressing a value less than a whole number.

Equivalent fractions are fractions that name?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that have the exact same value, but are written different ways. Ex: 1 / 2 = 2 / 4 = 4 / 8 = 356 / 712 = 5663 / 11326 = 0.5

What can blood do?

blood is responsible for the transport of bodily materials.blood is the most important consituent of cirulatory system.

Why are fractions fractions?

Fractions are Fractions because they are parts of a whole. The definition of a fraction is a part of a whole. Fractions in math represent parts of 1, such as 3/6. there are 3 parts out of 6 total to equal 1. since there are only half of the 6 parts present, this fraction could be simplified to 1/2. ( Full Answer )

Are blood products or fractions in the universal influenza vaccine?

There is not a universal influenza vaccine approved or marketed in the US yet, but scientists are working on one and getting close. It is highly unlikely that there will be human blood products or traces of them in a universal vaccine, just like there are none in the current flu vaccines. Currently ( Full Answer )

Why do you have fraction?

Because there are many occasions in life when you must sell, plow,drink, walk, buy, eat, harvest, build, read, paint, etc. a portion that is not acomplete thing.

How do you fractions?

Fractions are a part of the whole. So 1 /2 is a half ofsomething. A circle divided into 10 parts, each part is 1 /10th of the whole circle.

What does blood do for you?

It carries food, oxygen, antibodies, adrenalin, enzymes, hormonesand whatever may be injected into the blood stream to all the cellsin the body, and it carries away waste from all the cells, whichgets filtered out by the kidneys.

Why do we have fractions?

In terms of real life, it is because we want to know about parts ofa whole, or how things can be shared. In mathematical terms, the set of integers is not closed underdivision. In order that the set is a field, it is necessary tointroduce rational numbers (or fractions). The word fraction actually c ( Full Answer )