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What are cabinet positions?


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attorney general

secretary of energy

secretary of health and human services

secretary of education

secretary of defense

secretary of transportation

secretary of commerce

secretary of state

secretary of the interior

secretary of the treasury


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what are two cabinet-level positions

Who are in the 15 presidential cabinet positions?

There is are no such positions universally. Cabinet positions are created if needed or as are politically correct or prudent.

There are actually 22 cabinet rank positions. 15 of the positions are cabinet departments. The other 7 are cabinet rank officials like the White Chief of Staff and United States Trade Representative.

Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense are two cabinet level positions.

There are 15 cabinet positions in the executive branch. Hope this helps! (:

The cabinet positions are established by the US Congress.

George Washington appointed people to fill the first four cabinet positions.

It is the United States Senate that either approves or rejects Presidential nominees for cabinet positions. The Secretary of State is an example of a cabinet position.

How many positions in the president's cabinet in 1950?

There were 7 (Seven) delegates in his first cabinet.

The president (Executive branch) appoints the cabinet and manages it.

The Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Commerce, etc. are cabinet level positions in the president's cabinet. There are currently 15.

The president is expected to make appointments to the cabinet positions. He does not to have any cabinet meetings or consult with the cabinet in any particular way. It is surely to his advantage to have well-run executive departments. If the President wants to combine some positions or eliminate cabinet positions, he needs to get Congress to act. ( The phrase "form a cabinet" is rarely used in the US- it may be a term used in the parliamentary type of government.)

The president appoints the cabinet, subject to Senate approval. He can not create or eliminate cabinet positions. Only Congress can do that.

The President's appointments to his cabinet much be approved by the Senate in order to take effect.

A cabinet position is not an official position in government -- there is no constitutional amendment or law requiring or prohibiting a cabinet. Therefore, the President of the United States may appoint or fire any member of his cabinet that he sees fit. The President may also create new cabinet positions or destroy positions at his sole discretion. The President may also choose to have no cabinet at all. In short, the President appoints a person to be in his cabinet, and that person is in.

The are indeed 15 cabinet positions. I do not think of the Vice-President as being a cabinet member although the president may invite him to cabinet meeting.

Secretaries of State, Defense, Interior, Treasury, Commerce

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