What are candles used for?


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Nowadays, candles are used for parties, gifts, and for just basic home decorations. Back around 600-900 A.D. candles were used for light, warmth, and energy.


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Candles used in Judaism usually don't have names, other than the names of the occasions they're used on, such as: Shabbat candles, used on Shabbat Havdalah candles, used on Havdalah Hanukkah candles, used on Hanukkah Yahrzeit candles, used for someone's Yahrzeit

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Candles are used to make light.

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Pillar candles are used for very long lasting light sources. Many people put candles on a plate, tray, or candle holder specifically designed for pillar candles.

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There are only eight candles on the menorah; plus a ninth which is used to light the other candles.

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