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What are catalpa beans used for?

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Many in my region (western Ky.) use the beans in their yards to kill grub worms as to ward off moles in our yards. Works pretty good.

2008-03-30 21:41:23
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Q: What are catalpa beans used for?
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Can you eat the beans of a catalpa tree?

The Catalpa beans are not edible, but have several uses. Indians used many parts of the tree for medicines and some say they can be used to keep moles out of a yard.

What is the scientific name for a Talcum Tree?

The talcum tree has many species. Here is a list of the most notable:Catalpa bignonioides - southern catalpaCatalpa brevipesCatalpa bungei - Manchurian catalpa. Source of "Chu wood".Catalpa cassinoidesCatalpa communisCatalpa cordifoliaCatalpa denticulataCatalpa domingensisCatalpa duclouxiiCatalpa ekmanianaCatalpa fargesiiCatalpa henryiCatalpa heterophyllaCatalpa himalayensisCatalpa hirsutaCatalpa kaempferiCatalpa longisiliquaCatalpa longissima - Haitian catalpaCatalpa macrocarpaCatalpa microphyllaCatalpa nanaCatalpa oblongataCatalpa obovataCatalpa ovata - Chinese catalpa. Also called the Yellow catalpa from the color of its blossomsCatalpa pottsiiCatalpa pubescensCatalpa pumilaCatalpa punctataCatalpa purpureaCatalpa silvestriiCatalpa speciosa - northern catalpaCatalpa sutchuensisCatalpa ternifoliaCatalpa thunbergiiCatalpa tibeticaCatalpa umbraculiferaCatalpa vestitaCatalpa wallichiana

What is the scientific name for the Northern Catalpa?

Catalpa speciosa is the Latin name for the Northern Catalpa

What is the scientific name of catalpa tree?

The Scientific Name For A Catalpa Tree Is Catalpa speciosa.

What is the catalpa tree used for?

It is primarily an ornamental tree. The wood is too soft to use as lumber, but it is sometimes used in acoustic guitars. It is also used to attract and hold Catalpa Worms, which are used for fishing

What is the common name for the Northern Catalpa?

the Northern Catalpa

What is the scientific name for the common catalpa?

Catalpa speciosa

What type of tree has pea pods?

It could be a Catalpa (

Is the northern catalpa tree deciduous or coniferous?

Most types of Catalpa are deciduous. None are coniferous.

Can you start a catalpa tree from the seeds within the bean?

I haven't tried to grow a catalpa from seed. However, the way that catalpa seedlings grow abundantly near mature trees I have observed--both in eastern and western Massachusetts--suggest they grow easily. My theory is that snow plowing has a lot to do with getting the beans buried and off to the sides of roads or parking lots, where they manage to grow without interference from lawn mowers or other controlled landscaping.

Is the Catalpa a fish?

No. It is a tree

What are the ratings and certificates for The Catalpa Rescue - 2007?

The Catalpa Rescue - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

What are the uses of a catalpa bean?

They aren't edible, but some people report that they can be used to keep moles out of your yard.

What is the habitat for catalpa tree?

in forests

Who was the catAlpa claw?

bucky pope

What kind of beans are typically used to make refried beans?

Pinto Beans

Is a catalpa leaf a compound leaf?


Is a northern catalpa a monocot or a dicot?


What beans are used in baked beans?

The beans used are small white haricot beans often called pea beans or navy beans.Another answer is: Most store bought baked beans are made from haricot beans (also known as navy beans) soaked in a tomato sauce.source: Ask Encyclopedia

What is the Latin name for Cataba tree?

The Latin name for Cataba tree depends on the species. Common species in North America are the Catalpa bignonioides and Catalpa speciosa.

What beans are a popular ingredient in salads?

Green beans, wax beans, kidney beans, canalini beans, garbanzo beans, and pinto beans are used often. Any bean can be a salad component.

What unit is used to measure beans?

Beans are measured by the Bushel

What is the name of the tree with trumpet shaped flowers?


What tree has trumpet shaped flowers?

the catalpa tree

What bean varietes can be used for sprouted beans?

Mung beans and lentils are popular beans for sprouting.