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Cells are the basic unit of structure and function of the human, animal, and any other living thing. Cells are a small unit just like a living matter. There are different kinds of cells but the two kinds that are familiar are animal and plantcells. Plant cells have a cell wall and chloroplasts. Human cells have a cellular membrane. Cells all have different sizes, shapes, and jobs to do.

Human and animal blood cells travel through the blood stream carrying oxygen and everything else that your body, and brain, needs.
The official definition of the word cell is "the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism, typically microscopic and consisting of cytoplasm and a nucleus enclosed in a membrane."

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The cell is the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all known organisms. A cell is the smallest unit of life. Cells are often called the "building blocks of life". The study of cells is called cell Biology, cellular biology, or cytology.

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Q: What are cells?
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Do cells have cells?

no cells do not have cells

What elements of a worksheet can be protected from accidental modification?

The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.The cells can be protected.

What cells include fat cells bone cells nerve cells and muscle cells?

Specialized cells

What are examples of plant and animal cells?

Some examples of plant cells are : Parenchyma Cells, Collenchyma Cells, Sclerenchyma Cells, and water conducting cells. Animal cells are nerve cells, muscle cells, and skin cells.

What are the main cells in the body?

Red blood cells, White blood cells, bone cells, nerve cells, muscle cells, bone cells and brain cells.

What kind of cells do sloths have?

Animal Cells. Sloths are mammals; their cells are not dissimilar to human cells. They have all the usual kinds, muscle cells, blood cells, nerve cells, fat cells, bone cells, liver cells, skin cells, and so forth.

Do your cells count as animal cells?

yes cells are cells

What are the names of cells in the stem?

the stems cells are called Blood Cells , Nerve Cells, cardiac cells and liver cells.

What are some examples of a specialized cells?

Blood cellsSkin cellsNerve cells (neurons)Goblet cells (in the lining of the stomach)Muscle cellsGametes (female ova or male sperm)leaf cellsroot hair cellssperm cellstylon cellsconsept cellspoo cellsurine cellshouse cellscolo cell (random shiz)

What are all the different kinds of cells?

Red Blood CellsEgg CellsNerve cellsLeaf cells (Palisade)Root hair cellSkin cellsCheek cellsSperm cellsBrain cells

What are the four categories of cells?

Epithelial cells Nerve cells Muscle cells Connective cells

A tigers cells?

bone cells, blood cells, hair cells, and many other cells.

What does the t cells and b cells do?

t cells are killer cells b cells are antibodies

Give some types of specialized cells?

root hair cellsred blood cellsxelem cellsskin cellsnerve cells goblet cells muscle cellsgameters

Describe three types of cells that are found in the human body?

Muscle cells Bone cells Nerve Cells Get cells White blood cells Red blood Cells Epithelial cells

Do plant cells specialize in the same way animal cells do?

Plant cells do specialize but not in the same way as animal cells. Animal cells have specialized cells such as nerve cells, reproductive cells or muscle cells etc. Plant cells do not have any of those. But Plant cells have other specialized cells such as photosynthesis cells, epidermal cells etc. Both Animal and Plant cells have specialized cells that perform a specific function to keep the cell/organism alive.

What are the different cells in the body?

red blood cells, white blood cells, skin cells, sperm cells and egg cells

Which cells are lymphocytes?

The types of cells that are lymphocytes are white blood cells. Some examples of these cells are B cells and T cells.

What types of cells does a sea turtle have?

They have many that we have: skin cells, muscle cells, brain cells, nerve cells. and bone cells.

What types of cells does a dolphin have?

Cheek cells Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells(most of them look the same in all animals) Tounge cells Fat cells Bone cells Muscle cells Skin cells Neuron Cells and many more.

What are some different types of cells?

white blood cells and red blood cellsThe three type of cells are White cells, Red cells, and Plasma cells.

What are 5 different types of cells?

fat cells, muscle cells, brain cells, white blood cells, red blood cells, plant and animal cells.

What kind of plant cells are there?

There are Parenchyma cells,Collenchyma cells,Eukaryotic cells,Animal cells,Sclerendayma cells,Water Conducting cells,and Sieve Tube Members.

What cells have nuclear envelopes?

the cells that have a nuclear envelope are eukaryotic cells.As prokaryotic cells are cells that have a cytoplasm, and a cell membraneAnd Eukaryotic cells are the more complexed cells

Are liver cells haploid cells or diploid cells?

Liver cells are Diploid cells. Pretty much all body cells are diploid. Sex cells are haploid.

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