What are cells made from?

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Where is cells made from?

cells are made of blood

Why do you have cells?

We are made of cells! We wouldn't be here without cells. Animals and plants are made of cells =.

What plants are made of cells?

All plants are made out of cells. All living things are made out of cells.

Can cells be man made?

No cells can not be man made. The cells have to reproduce asexually.

Are fingers made of diploid cells or haploid cells?

Fingers are made of diploid cells. Haploid cells are the reproductive cells.

Is the sun made of cells?

No the sun is not made of cells

What are Cells made of?

cells are made of different organelles.

Is a feather made from cells?

no, a feather is not made out of cells

Is a spider made of cells?

Yes it is made of cells.

Are rocks made of cells?

No. Only living things are made of cells. Rocks are made of solidified minerals and crystals.

Which plants are made of cells?

All plants are made of cells. In fact, all living organisms are made of cells.

Is an ant made of plant cells or animal cells?

an ant is made of animal cells.

Is cork made of cells?

made of dead cells yea

What are the cells that nerves are made of?

The cells that nerves are made of are axons.

Is yeast made up of cells?

yes it is made of cells

Which microbes are made of living cells?

microbes are made of cells

Is a slug made up of cells?

no slugs are not made from cells

What cells are a tapeworm made of?

The tapeworm is made of animal cells.

What things are made of cells?

it is your body, it is made with cells

Is blood made out of cells?

no cells are made up of blood

What parts of animals made of cells?

all of the animal is made of cells infact everything in the world is made up of cells

If you had no cells?

Because you are made entirely out of cells and things made by cells, an absence of cells would mean the end of your existence.

Are flowers made of cells?

Yes. Every plant has cells but they are different from animal cells

Is an organ made up of cells?

Yes. Organs are made from tissues, which are made from cells.

Are organ systems made of cells?

Organ systems are made of organs, which are made of tissues, which are made of cells.

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