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Some challenges for voice input is that it has poor-quality voice samples. It may be that the person sounds different due to the person being ill or the person's mood. Another challenge with voice input is that it can easily break down due to background noises or if the person is far away from the micro-phone

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Q: What are challenges with voice input?
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What voice is the process of entering input by speaking into a microphone?


Is Voice input is part of a larger category of input called video input?


How do you save voice in database access?

I don't know but i need that information about how to store a voice as input for sql server 2005 and retrieve that using current input of voice.., I mean how two compare a already stored voice in database with given new input voice..,

What is voice input?

Voice input is the process of inserting vocal audio into the computer. A microphone is typically used for this function.

Are digital voice recordings input or output devices?

Input because your inputing a sound into the computer. Output is when something is outputting something like speakers.

What is difference between microphone and voice input?


Does Tablet PC support voice input?

yes it does

What is the process of entereing data by speaking into a microphone?

Voice Input.

A device for providing voice as input?

Into electronic equipment, a microphone

Is a speech recongnition a input device?

No it is software that recognizes voice and can convert it into typed words. The input device would be your microphone.

What are some of the current limitations of voice input technology?

It sometimes does not recognize what you are saying. It also get background noises which may effect the voice recognition.

What does computer voice recognition entail?

Voice recognition software allows humans to talk to a computer. Computers understand the voice. It is an electronic process in which information is printed from voice input, thereby bypassing the keyboarding operations