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it means what they look like or there personality :)

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Q: What are characteristics of a cartoon?
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What characteristics of this cartoon suggest corruption?

Please indicate what cartoon I should look at.

What are the physical characteristics of spider man in cartoon?

he has big balls

What cartoon character has similar characteristics to Harry Potter?

merlin lol

When the political cartoonist goes overboard in drawing the physical characteristics of a person or thing this is called what?

A caricature is an exaggeration of the physical characteristics of the subject of a political cartoon.

What should the boy in the cartoon be saying to be correct?

"Why is this cartoon invisible?""Why is this cartoon invisible?""Why is this cartoon invisible?""Why is this cartoon invisible?"

When was Cartoon Network Cartoon Beach created?

Cartoon Network Cartoon Beach was created in 1999.

What is the duration of What-a-Cartoon?

The duration of What-a-Cartoon is 1380.0 seconds.

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Animators can cartoon, but cartoon can't animators.

What are three sentences for the word cartoon?

Tom and Jerry was my favourite cartoon.He enjoyed the cartoon.The cartoon panel was not published in the newspaper yesterday.

What is the mass of cartoon?


What is the name of the cartoon?

Cartoon is the simply answer because cartoon is traditionally words already

What is the topic of the cartoon What is the topic of the cartoon Who is portrayed in the cartoon What symbols are in the cartoon Why is the cartoon humorous What message is the cartoonist?

â–º Send your photo & Get a nice Cartoonat

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They dont show cartoon cartoon fridays anymore they stop making in 2003.

What was the show Cartoon Cartoon Fridays about?

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays wasn't technically a show it was a block of cartoons used to showcase the latest cartoons on the TV channel Cartoon Network, it would be "hosted" by a well known cartoon character.

What is the name of a cartoon chihuahua?

Ren Hoek from the cartoon 'Ren and Stimpy' is a cartoon Chihuahua .

What are the release dates for Cartoon Cartoon Fridays - 2000?

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays - 2000 was released on: USA: 8 June 2000

Who is a cartoon dog?

snoopy is a cartoon dog (:

What is the show flapjack?

Its a cartoon on cartoon network

How do you text cartoon Network?

cartoon newtorc

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Get a job at Turner

The word cartoon in a centence?

The Flintstones is a Cartoon

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The plural of cartoon is cartoons.

What is The Lion King a cartoon or a anime?


What is it like in a cartoon world?

good cartoon

How many people are on the simpsons tv show?

none. its a cartoon. none. its a cartoon. none. its a cartoon.