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Radial symmetry is the arrangement of equal parts (legs, spines, etc.) in a balanced way around a central body.

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They all live in water and they all mostly move slow if they can at all

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The characteristics of radial symmetry is that when the axis of the organism is vertically cut in any of two or more planes, it produces two halves that are mirror images of each other.

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No one can sneak up behind you.

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Q: What are characteristics of radial symmetry?
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Do beavers have bilateral symmetry or radial symmetry?

bilateral symmetry

Does a sea cucumber have radial symmetry?

radial symmetry

Does a jellyfish have bilateral symmetry radial symmetry or asymmetrical symmetry?

Jelly fish are radial symmetrical

What symmetry does hydra have?

Hydra are symmetrical radially from the top

What kind of symmetry does a jellyfish have?

Jellyfish have radial symmetry.Jellyfish are a part of a group called Cnidarians and the have Radial Symmetry.radial symmatry. . . Means all planes about longitudinal axis wil give you two equal halves. .

What is radial symmetry?

When something has symmetry in a radial (circular) pattern.

Are horses bilateral or radial symmetry?

horses are radial symmetry

Does a brain coral have bilateral symmetry radial symmetry or is it asymmetrical?

No, anything in phylum Cnidaria (including corals) have radial symmetry

What type of echinoderm has radial symmetry?

All echinoderms have radial symmetry

Is a red beard sponge radial or bilateral?

sponges have no symmetry animals with radial symmetry are radiata and cnidaria, like jellyfish

What type of symmetry do cnidaria have?

Radial symmetry.other animals (exept sponges) and other exeption have bilateral symetry. bilateral symmetrical animals have up and down side, and a front and a back leaving left and right the same. radial animals only have an up side and down side, they do not have a fornt and back side.radial symmetry

What kind of symmetry do sea anemones have?

the sea anemone have radial symmetry