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I only have Xbox 360 cheats: start a level, then go to the start menu then with the left stick:(and hold down RB) for max XP,this cheat works for the hole game, with left stick: up, left, left, down, up. for invincability, hold down LB, with left stick: right, right, down, down, left: for infinite mana hold RB, with left stick: up, right, up, left, down: for all armor,( and if you equip the armor to the right, you get the fury breath), hold LB, left, up, down, up, right, all the cheats exept the xp cheat are one level use, so you have to do the others every time you start a new level. Hope this helps!

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โˆ™ 2013-06-19 01:57:15
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Q: What are cheats for Spyro Dawn Of the Dragon?
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