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Four cheek teeth. DORMOUSE

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Q: What are cheek teeth in a rat?
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Does a stegosaurus have any teeth?

they have no teeth in their beaks and only weak cheek teeth

How many teeth does a rat have?

rats have 32 teeth

Is it normal to have a hoe on your cheek after your wisdom teeth removed?

On your cheek? There should be upto 4 holes in the back of your mouth (where the teeth were pulled) for a few weeks, but unless something happened to your cheek during the surgery. (or at another time) you shouldn't have a hole in your cheek

How many teeth does a rat has?


How are rat teeth different from human teeth?

much much smaller

How much teeth does a rat have?

Rats have up to 30 teeth in their mouth

What is the difference between rat teeth and human teeth?

Rat's teeth grow constantly. Human teeth don't.

What is the difference between hamster teeth and rat teeth?

really nothing hamsters teeth are just smaller

How does a rat attack people?

It jumps with the teeth out

What is a wheel with teeth starting with rat?


Can a rat chew through steel?

no , rat dont have such powerful teeth , so , he can't chew it.

Is it normal to have a stitch connected to your cheek after having wisdom teeth extracted?

Answer stitches in cheekI had my wisdom teeth taken out a week ago all my swelling has gone down and i have the same thing there is 1 stitch in my cheek so yes im pretty sure it is normal.

What do you do if you bite your cheek after wisdom teeth extraction?

try to not keep biting it

Muscle compresses the cheek and holds food between the teeth?


What five things are in your mouth?

Tongue, teeth, roof, cheek, saliva.

What is the surface of the teeth that faces the cheek?

hi, we call it ( buccal face).

How are the teeth of the rat related to its diet?

Because they are stupid.

How many teeth does an adult white rat have?

rats have 16 teeth. they do not have a gall bladder and they do not have tonsils.

Can you brush your teeth before a swab DNA test?

Yes. DNA is not taken from your teeth or what's on your teeth. It's taken from the skin inside your cheek/mouth.

Can a rat live without teeth?

Probably not. "oh my roach"

Do rat snakes have fangs?

No, they are non-venomous. They do have teeth, however.

Why does coumadin rot your teeth?

Because it's rat posion

What wheel with teeth that start with rat called?

It could be a ratchet.

Is a rat bite poisonous?

Rat's teeth are not envenomed like a venomous snake's teeth are. A wild rat bite however might bring all sorts of disease and infection with it, but all of these are things the rat is carrying, not part of the rat's own biology.

Is a hamster rat?

No they're both rodents but there are a lot of biological differences like a rat is much bigger and has a long tail, while hamsters have cheek pouches to store food in.