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unlike the leopard they have yellowish furr with black dots. they have lines next to their nose across their faces. They have goldish greenish eyes. The cubs are very fluffy. They have black rings around their tails. their bones are light so they can run fast and their tail is long so it helps them rotate while running. They are much smaller than lions. Their heads are smaller than a leopards. they have long legs with sharp claws and sharp teeth.

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What is the purpose of cheetahs?

how do cheetahs look like

Do cheetahs like water?

Yes,Cheetahs like water because cheetahs are hot-weathered animals and like to take a dip. Marissa

Do humans like cheetahs?

Some like cheetahs. Cheetahs also like (to eat) humans. Just kidding, they don't actually like to eat humans.

What do king cheetahs look like?

King cheetahs look like normal cheetahs exept their spots are run together.

What do cheetahs smells like?

Cheetahs smell like whatever they last rolled in.

What would you like to learn about cheetahs?

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Do cheetahs leap?

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Why do people not like cheetahs?

Farmers claim cheetahs kill their livestock.

Are cheetahs smarter than tigers?

It seems like cheetahs would be smarter, but tigers are smarter than cheetahs. Sorry cheetah fans, just like me.

Are Cheetahs invertebrates?

No. Cheetahs, like all mammals, are vertebrates, because they have spines.

How do cheetahs cool down?

Cheetahs, like dogs, cool off by panting.

What do cheetahs like to do?

they like to hunt and run

Are cheetahs feline?

Felines means cat or cat like. Cheetahs are considered cats.

What do cheetahs do for fun?

they like to play fightwhat do cheetahs free timethey roll over

Are cheetahs warmblooded or cold blooded?

Cheetahs, like all mammals, are warm blooded.

Do cheetahs have canine-like claws?

Yes, cheetahs have non-retractile claws and are more dog-like in that respect.

What is it like for cheetahs in the grasslands?


Do cheetahs like to play?


What does a cheetah like to eat?

Cheetahs like to eat various animals such as gazelles, lizards, and birds. Cheetahs are the fastest animals on land.

Are cheetahs a mammalor reptile or bird or arthropod or etc?

Like all cats, cheetahs are mammals.

Do cheetahs like to eat fish?

Cheetahs do not normally include fish in their diet.

Do cheetahs live in prides?

Cheetahs do not form prides like lions do. Female cheetahs are solitary, prefering to hunt alone, and only associating with males for mating. Male cheetahs sometimes will hunt together.

What is different about cheetahs than other animals?

Well..... Cheetahs are different because they run faster then other animal in the world. Cheetahs have spots on them no other animal has spots like cheetahs! hope this helped!

Do cheetahs like to run?

They do like to run but cheetahs run mainly out of necessity. They have to run in order to catch prey which they need to stay alive.

What rhymes with cheetahs?

I am afraid nothing happens to rhyme with "cheetahs" it's like the word "orange" or "month".

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