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What are clear blisters on the tongue?


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I have these as well, and have been told it is an allergic reaction to something. I recently had a bad blood test, stating that my B-12 levels were extremely low. I began taking Sublingual Tablets and liquid form of vitamin B-12, which go under your tongue, to try to increase my levels before my next blood test. Apparently I am allergic to something in it. I now am taking benadryl, and it seems to be helping shrink them and help with the pain. My lips, tongue and the better part of the front inside of my mouth swelled and burned like nothing I have ever felt before. I lived with the constant feeling of just drinking something terribly hot and being scalded. The tip of my tongue felt like I was constantly getting paper cuts all over. I went to the Doctor, and was given a script for Magic Mouth Wash, and an antibiotic. 4 days later, I have clear blisters all over the center back of my tongue, going down the sides. So far, only the benedryl seems to be providing any relief.


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Purple blisters on the tongue or inside of your mouth are called blood blisters. These can be caused by biting the inside of your mouth or tongue.

i have blisters on the back of tongue along with a yellow patch in the middle of tongue. started nystatin mouthwash. any suggestions?

The Properties of nitrofurantoin can in some cases cause blisters on the tongue or around the mouth. But it has been found that the blisters result from over-usage or improper application methods, but no worries to help clear them up just stop using NF for a couple days and if the blisters get progressively worse then consult a physician or another licensed medical professional.

Blood blisters on the tongue can be caused by many different things. Some include trauma or injury to the area, biting your tongue, or an infection.

There are multiple factors that could cause a tongue to develop red blisters. Vitamin deficiencies, geographic tongue, scarlet fever and Kawasaki syndrome are among these factors.

Usually, blood blisters on the tongue are caused by trauma. However, they can also be caused by vitamin deficiency, infection, allergic reaction, and autoimmune disease.

What would cause tiny white blisters and swollen lips on a baby?

Yes, the fluid that oozes out of poison ivy blisters is clear yellowish or clear.

he or she most likely burnt their tongue. rarely it could be an allergic reaction.

soak tongue in warm salt water a few times over.

go see your doctor i could be infected and if you leave it too long you could have tongue problems :/

TCP is a type of antiseptic that is widely available in the UK and Ireland. Yes, TCP can help fight blisters on your tongue but it must be diluted with water and not swallowed. It is fine to dab diluted TCP on your tongue or to gargle it.

I doubt the Vicodin caused the tongue blisters but it could have triggered the virus that is the cause of tongue blisters (canker sores on the tongue). They can be treated at the dentist office or a general practitioner's office. There is a solution that will help with the pain and treatment of the sores. If you have a dentist just go there and they will probably see you without an appointment since it only takes a few minutes to give you the solution.

Go to the doctor and they will give you medicine 4 it

cold sores, you get them when you drink from someone who is sick.

Tongue blisters can be caused by viruses, trauma or allergy. It causes pain and interferes with eating and drinking. It is also caused by deficiency of Vitamin B. People with vitamin B deficiency usually experience blisters in mouth because their immunity towards bacterial infection decreases.

It may be an allergic reation to something unusual you ate or drank or lack of brushing teeth. when you brush your teeth you should also brish your tongue and cheeks. Call you doctor to make an appointment to see about your blisters.Tay Tay Rules

If you have an allergic reaction to them. Otherwise your just eating too many of them.

weell tht is hard to answer but i find it easy it my bumholey

Hello. This sounds like a mouth thrust infection or even tonsilitis. You will need to see your doctor to be certain and to have some antibiotics to clear this up. A swab test may need to be done to examine the bacteria on your tongue. Good luck. I think the white coating on the tongue is normal bcoz I hav it and so do other ppl, the red blisters on the other hand maybe sumthing! are these big or small? and are they all ova ur tongue? if u look close at ur tongue u hav lil lumps and bumps, maybe red due to tongue colour, these are taste buds! if u dn't think it is this then go get it checked out!

Normally they are found between your cheeks and gums, under the tongue or on the sides of the tongue. They are either white round patches if on the tongue and small white blisters with pink areas if under the gums.

yes... i just recently burnt my tongue (2 days ago) and now i have a blister on my toungue. SO YES>>>> you usually get a blister on your toungue if you burn it.

Definately see your doctor and show him your blisters and white thrush. Answer you must consult the good dentalist because you have more problems regarding the tongue sore.

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