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Career Objective

Meet the challenging & demands of exiting careers in leading organization where honesty, sincerity, performance, skills and creativity are the area the criteria for one's appraisal and recognition.

Educational Background

Bachelor of pharmacy

Specialization :Honors

Institution :Southeast University,Banani,Dhaka.

Passing Year :2012

Result : 3.37 out of 4.00

Higher Secondary School Certificate (H.S.C)

Group : Science

Institution : Kapasia Degree College

Result : 4.30 out of 5.00

Passing Year : 2007

Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C)

Group : Science

Institution :Kapasia Pilot High School

Passing Year :2005

Result : 4.69 at scale 5.00

Extracurricular Qualifications

v Successfully completed a In plant training held from 4th Oct 2012 to 6th Nov 2012, from The ACME Laboratories Ltd:

Computer Skills

v Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power point), Data Entry, E-mail and internet.

Language Skills

v Fluent in Listening, reading, speaking writing English and Bangla

Other Skills

v Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

v Have capabilities to develop and maintain relationship with people

Personal Profiles

Name : Zahidul Islam

Father's Name : Mazharul Islam

Mother's Name : Mst.Jahura Bagum

Sex : Male

Date Of Birth : 16/06/1989

Permanent Address : Vil:borjuna,p.s:+p.o:kapasia,dis:gazipur

Contact No. : +8801721628117

Height : 5´-8˝

Weight : 59 kgs.

Nationality : Bangladeshi (By Birth)

Marital status : Unmarried

Religion : Islam (Sunni)


Prof.Dr.Mir Imam Ibne Wahed Nur Mohammad khan

Chairman Lecturer

Department of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy

Southeast University Dhaka University

Phone: Cell:

E-mail: E-mail:

I hear by declare that above information's are true and updated.


Zahidul Islam


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future plane of cocacola future plane of cocacola

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Coca Cola plans to branch into other markets such as health drink manufacturing. Coca Cola has already started to make drinks with low sugar or less carbonated drinks such as apple juice.

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Just like any other company, to make a profit for their stock holders.

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World domination and the destruction of the Pepsi corporation.

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Our crystal ball for predicting the future of business values is currently not available -- it's broken and we're having a hard time finding a repair shop.

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To rule mankind when every single human consumes coke and the liquid inside the coke will soon takeover the brain of all human for the Coca Cola company to control.

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- To inharet the Earth

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Q: What are coca cola's objectives?
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