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The modular motors from 1997 to present have one common issue no matter the trucks, being the COP (coil on plug) technology. What this is, is in place of using an actual coil pack each cylinder has its own individual coil on top of a rubber boot that attaches directly to the spark plugs.

The 1997-03 5.4's have only a few issues, the occasional leaky heater hose that may cause coolant to leak into the rear two passenger cylinders. The COP's (coil on plug) are not moisture friendly, but if the are treated to a healthy amount of dialectic grease on the boots outer surface acting as a moisture blocker can prevent the problem.

In all new 5.4 motors 2004+ with the updated 3Valve motors, there major dilemma/issue is when it comes to the spark plug change. They have a HORRIBLE history of breaking off inside the motor. The 3V 5.4L's also carry on the inherent issue of the "beloved" COP(coil on plug) technology.

Other than these issues the 5.4 is a excellent and powerful motor that can, given good maintenance on time, prove to be a affordable working truck.

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Q: What are common Ford 5.4 engine problems?
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