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What are compressional and transverse waves?

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Are electromagnetic waves transverse or compressional waves?

They are transverse waves.

Are seismic waves transverse or compressional waves?

They are both! P-waves are compressional / longitudinal waves and S-waves are shear / transverse waves.

Are electromagnetic waves compressional waves?

No, electromagnetic waves are transverse. Sound waves are compressional

Are light waves transverse waves or compressional waves?

They are best modeled as transverse waves.

Are compressions and rarefactions characteristics of transverse waves?

No, they are characteristics of compressional waves. Transverse waves have crests & troughs.

Are sound waves transverse waves or compressional waves Why?

Compressional, gasses can be compressed but cannot be wiggled side to side.

Are seismic waves transverse or compressional?

There are 3 broad types of seismic waves, Surface waves, S-waves and P-waves. Love waves (a type of surface wave) and S-waves are transverse waves and P-waves are compressional.

Are tsunamis related to tranverse or compressional waves?


What is the same about a transverse wave and a compressional wave?

Tranverse and compressional waves both have frequencies, wavelengths, and amplitudes. Compressional waves like sound must travel through a medium, but transverse waves like light don't need one.

What kind of waves does sound have transverse waves or compression waves?

Sound is a compressional wave.

Transverse and congressional waves are the two types of mechanical waves?

False. Compressional.

Are transverse and congressional waves the two types of mechanical waves?

False. Compressional.

What is the difference of compressional waves and transverse waves?

Th angle of vibration is 90 degrees different..

What are 2 examples of electromagnetic waves?

Transverse and Compressional electromagetic waves Another opinion: No electromagnetic waves are compressional waves. They're all transverse. I think what the question was looking for is: -- Heat and visible light -- Radio waves and X-rays -- Ultraviolet and gamma rays etc.

Do cell phones use transverse waves or Compressional waves?

They use micowaves, so they are transverse (def. oscillations are perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation).

Compare and contrast a transverse wave and a compressional wave?

Compressional waves are closer together, transverse waves are farther apart. They are both mechanical waves. In compressional waves the medium moves forward and backward along the direction a wave travels. While, transverse waves the wave energy causes matter in the medium to move up and downor back and forth at right angles to the direction thw wave travels. Hope I helped! :) <3

Is a sound wave compressional or transverse?


What is the difference between a transverse wave and a compressional wave?

Transverse waves move at a right angle to the direction the wave travels, a compressional wave moves back and forth in the same direction the wave travels.

How does a transverse wave differ from a compressional wave?

A transverse wave differs from a compressional wave because when transverse waves move through matter,they cause the matter to move in a direction different than the wave moves and a compressional wave is when a compressional wave is moving through matter,the matter moves back and forth in hte same direction as the wave.

Is an electromagnetic wave transverse or compressional?

Transverse :)

Is sound wave a compressional wave or a transverse?


Are seismic waves longitudinal or transverse?

Seismic waves are waves that are a result of What are Seismic Waves activity in the earth. There are body and surface waves. Body waves happen inside the earth and are called P (longitudinal) and S (transverse) waves. Surface waves happen on the earths surface and are called Raleigh and love waves. These waves are mixtures of P & S waves.they are both transverse waves and compressional.THERE FOR SEISMIC WAVES ARE TRANSVERSE! :)

Are all waves compressional waves?

No, compressional waves travel through liquids and gases. Transverse waves pass through solids. You may also be forgetting electromagnetic waves such as light, radio, x-rays, etc that propagate in neither of these ways and can even pass through vacuums.

What is compressional waves?

Compressional waves are waves that move parallel to their direction.

Are water waves compressional waves?

Compressional waves are waves that produce compression and rarefaction when traveling through a medium. Water waves are not considered as compressional waves.