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Computers are used for writing emails (letters to people of the net), writing stories, playing games, scheduling appointments and events, researching information, making movies, listening to music and office work.

They're used for many things like games, cheat codes, videos, on websites like YouTube, E mail, and many more! So go surf the internet and see what you can find.

To research and explore a whole new world and communicate with friends and family and play games,watch movies,watch videos and listen to music.
A application of a computer is for good use

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Q: What are computers used for?
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What are computers used for in government?

why computers used in government

How are computers used on earth?

Computers are used for everything

How were the first computers used?

Computers were used for working purposes.

Where all are computers used today?

How Are Computers Used Today?

Why controllers are not used in computers?

There are many types of controllers used in computers.

Why computers are used in collages?

Computers are used everywhere, not just in colleges.

What are the uses of computers in movie theater?

Computers are used for ticketing and in the concessions. Computers can also be used in the showing of the film.

How do computers used in flight attendent?

Please reword your question for clarity. Do you mean How are computers used by flight attendants? How are computers used in flight attendant training? How are computers used by airlines to schedule flight attendants?

What were the first computers used for?

AnswerThe first computers were used for military use specifically.

Who would be interested in buying used computers?

who would buy used computers

Are old computers used to make new computers?


Are Computers that used transistors are referred to as third-generation computers?

no, second generation. third generation computers used ICs.

What is the percentage of computers used in 2011?

Of those computers in use in 2011, 100% are used.

How computers used in hospital?

Computers are used in hospitals to store the medical history of the patients. Computers are also used in the hospitals for scanning and imaging and examination and evaluation purposes.

What cable types can be used to network two computers?

You can connect two or more computers using the following cables: Network cable USB cable Serial (used in old computers) Parallel (used in old computers)

What computers will used vacuum tubes?

First generation computers.

Which motor is used in computers?

Computers don't contain motors.

What is mammal that uses computers?

Computers are mainly used by humans.

Is there a Windows 95 for computers?

Yes there is. It was created to be used on computers.

What are computers mostly used for?

mostly computers are used for working. whether it their job or school,etc.,

Are non metal elements never used in computers?

Are Non-metal elements used in computers

What is the technology used in first generation computers?

the first generation computers used vaccum tubes

What toxic components are used in the production on computers?

I suppose that today toxic materials are not used for computers.

Which year was a computer first used?

digital computers were first used in 1942 analog computers were first used in about 100BC

Historically how has computers been used?

in the olden days they used computers to type and do math problems and that's it!!!! that's why today we are glad to have such advanced computers