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What are contributions that the pilgrims made for America?

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Seeking religious Freedom, the Pilgrims lacked the wealth to settle elsewhere in Europe, America offered an unique opportunity for them. They contributed to population growth and the settlement of numerous settlements patterned after English villages. Their experiences in England made them value freedom of speech and know the importance of allowing everyone to have a say in how the government is run.

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How many Pilgrims made it to America?

all of them

What contributions have African Americans made to America?

African Americans have made many contributions to America. Many of them have contributed inventions, history and a new culture.

What are some contributions made by immigrants to America?

Some contributions that immigrants made to America was different cultures such as spanish food, Chinese food and food from the islands.

What are the cultural contributions that the Dutch made to America?


What country did tobacco come from?

America, the pilgrims planted and made it there

What part of North America did the Pilgrims first see?

Why did the pilgrims leave England How did the pilgrims travle to America When did the pilgrims first see America

What is kings contributions to America?

He made it okay for EVERYONE to have a dream.

About how many pilgrims came to America?

102 Pilgrims came to America.

What was the Native American's clothing made of when the pilgrims arrived in North America?


What year did the pilgrims discover America?

1620 is the year the pilgrims discover America

Why did the pilgrims came to america?

Pilgrims come to America to escape religious persecution

What pilgrims came to America?

Pilgrims from England.

Where did the pilgrims go before they went to america?

Before the pilgrims went to America, they lived in Holland. Before the pilgrims went to America, they lived in Holland.

Why did the pilgrims make the voyage to America?

They made the voyage to America to find new land and see what it's like.

In what year did the pilgrims come to America?

1620 was the year pilgrims came to America in the Mayflower

What month did the pilgrims land in America?

The Pilgrims landed in America in the month of thanks giving.

What day did the pilgrims arrive in America?

the pilgrims arrived in America on march 6, 1621

Who were some of the Pilgrims who discovered America?

The Pilgrims did not actually discover America. Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Who were the pilgrims that made Thanksgiving?

The English people (People from Europe) who came to america in 1600s.

The pilgrims came to America for freedom?

In England The king enforced the church of England and he made every one have to worship it. The pilgrims wanted to keep their religion, so they left to seek freedom in America.

Who were the Pilgrims and what did they want from the Church or England?

The Pilgrims were the first people who made a Pilgrimage to America to settle in the New Land. The Puritans and Pilgrims wanted the Church of England to relax many of its then-strict practices.

Why didn't the pilgrims leave America?

the pilgrims didn't leave America because the didn't want to.

When did the Pilgrims sail to America?

The pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower, in 1620.

What contributions have Jews made to Miami?

using toilets in America in 1608. look it up

What are some contributions Ireland immigrants made to America?

they helped out during the indusrtialization era

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