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recycled or used stuff

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Q: What are cooler bags made out of?
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What stores offer cooler bags for sale?

There are a plethora of stores that offer cooler bags for sale. Some of the stores are places such as Target and Sears. Other retailers that offer cooler bags for sale are Koldtogo and Ebay.

Lettuce is a packaged four bags. if there are 3.5 boxes of lettuce in the cooler?

14 bags of lettuce. 4 x 3.5=14

What are Adidas bags made from?

what are adidas bags made out of

Where are Kesslord bags made?

The bags are made in Paris.

How many 10 pound bags of ice will fill a 48 quart cooler?

I don’t know

Can plastic bags be made out of dolphins?

No, if they are PLASTIC bags they cant be made of dolphins

What were the gas bags on thehindenburg made from?

plastic bags

What types of bags are made by Mobile Edge?

Mobile Edge sells laptop and notebook bags, messenger bags, and backpacks. Mobile Edge bags are made of cotton and are stylish, secure and rugged bags made to keep your electronics safe and secure.

What are hefty sandwich bags made of?

Hefty sandwich bags are made up of polythene.

What materials are the process server bags made out of?

The process server bags are made of cotton

Where did bags come from?

bags - I am assuming your meaning bags in which to carry things in there are paper, plastic and now the environmental friendly cloth bags. Paper bags are created by using trees - using the pulp in which bags are made from. Paper bags can be recycled. Plastic bags are typically made from oil by-products. Plastic bags can be recycled by it is process is hard. Biodegradeable plastic bags which are not made from petroleum products but derived from our food sources. Cloth bags made from cloth and can be washed and reused. Saving energy and our resources.

How are bags made?

There are so many different types of bags which are made in varied ways. Most bags are made from leather and other synthetic materials including velvet.