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This question has been set up as a merge point for test questions that have been copied and pasted to WikiAnswers.

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Q: What are copied test questions to be deleted?
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What are questions that should be deleted?

This is a Catch-all question to be used to "round-up" questions that are copyright infringements (copied and pasted from other sites). All questions merged to this should be reviewed for deletion from WikiAnswers.

Why does askcom show questions that have been deleted?

I am not sure why questions can not be deleted. This is on the website Ask.

The cut or copied files in the Clipboard will be deleted only when?

The Cut command is used to

Why are questions about Islam deleted?

Questions about Islam are not deleted on WikiAnswers unless they are deemed inappropriate. If you believe you asked a question that should not of been deleted it is advised you email: to appeal the deletion.

How can you see deleted questions in

If by deleted you mean trashed, users do not have access to view trashed questions. Only Supervisors and higher can view them.

How do you retrieve deleted text messages?

Yes, you CAN retrieve deleted SmartPhone messages. To find out how, click on the links below under SOURCES AND RELATED LINKS or RELATED QUESTIONS.

Are unanswered questions deleted after some time?

No they are not.

Why is the punctuation and caps in all my questions always deleted?

The punctuation and caps in all your questions may be deleted because the system you are using is designed to accept only lowercase letters.

Can anyone see what you type on an internet website?

Yes, anyone who uses the Internet can see what you type unless it is deleted, but someone may have already copied and pasted it somewhere else before you deleted it.

What are the questions to the impossible quiz 2?

The "questions" appear in the game, and do not have to be copied. The answers to the questions, and the trick effects, are at the related question below.

How do you delete questions you have asked wiki answers?

Questions on wiki answers can not be deleted after they have been posted.

Pipefitter nccer test questions?

What are the test questions on a B class pipefitter test

Where can I find driving test questions?

For Ohio driving test questions, you can visit There is a multiple choice test that has questions resembling the actual test.

Why are Yahoo Answers questions being deleted?

They break the rules.

The deletion of a base pair of DNA during meiosis is an example of a mutation because?

Cells are meant to be copied during meiosis, not deleted.

What happens to the questions that are moved to the category of harmful questions to delete?

The questions are either deleted, moved to a catch-all category, or edited and reentered into the community.

Do you have AHA CPR test questions?

I don't have the AHA CPR test questions; but an instructor for AHA is not allowed to give out the test questions other than in class for the actual test.

Julie missed 5 questions on the test but answerd 80 percent of the questions correctly how many questions were in the test?

25 Questions

Are there any test questions for The Fallen?

Yes there are test questions on the fallen

On a recent test Sterling got 2 questions correct for every 3 questions he missed If the test had a total of 80 questions how many questions did sterling answer correctly on the test?


How many questions are on the Mississippi permit test?

There are 30 questions, if you miss 6 questions you fail the test.

How many questions are on the air brakes test in Texas?

There is tipically 5 questions an answers on the air brakes test in texas. Every other test except "genreal knowledge" test has 20 questions an answers. The genreal knowledge test has 50 questions an answers.

Is the cast test questions the same as the ones on the practice test on eei?

The cast test questions are not the same as the ones on the practice test.

How many questions, is on a Lsat Prep, test?

In an Lsat preparation test there can be as many as 100 questions. The idea of a prep test is to prepare you for the actual test; in time, difficulty, through similar or 'like' questions and test subjects.

If there are 125 questions on a test and you need 70 to pass how many questions can you miss?

To get a 70 to pass the test you can miss 37 questions.