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What are country names in spanish?

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The United States is los Estados Unidos (EE.UU.).

England is Ingleterra. Great Britain is Gran Bretaña. UK is Reino Unido.

Ireland is Irlanda.

France is Francia.

Germany is Alemania.

(for a comprehensive list, see the related link)

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Is Spanish capitalized?

In English, yes. Country names, adjectives, people, and languages are capitalized.

What is the name of a slow Cuban dance?

every spanish speaking country have different terms for some things but the slowdance is something every spanish speaking country names the same. Bolero.

How do you spell Missouri in Spanish?

Missouri. Most non-country place names are the same in all language

How do you say jaslyn in Spanish?

There are some names that can not be translated into Spanish. Jaslyn is one of them. Though, I can say that in a Spanish speaking country, it could easily be misheard for "Jasmin" (also spelled "Yasmin").

What are California rivers that have Spanish names?

What are the names of the rivers that has a Spanish name and is in California?

How do you spell Katie in spanish?

It would still be Katie. Names don't change in spanish. don't be fooled by the fact that some names translate to the same thing, such as 'George' and 'Jorge'. for example, yes, in Spain or any other spanish speaking country, one would more likely be named 'Jorge' than 'George', but if you were named 'George' and you went to a spanish-speaking country, your name would still be 'George'.

What is the most popular Spanish names?

Juan and Maria are the most popular Spanish names.

What is the Spanish word for 'country'?

English; Spanish country; país, campo

Names in Spanish?

name in Spanish is nombre

A map of Trinidad showing spanish place?

The map of Trinidad has places that have Spanish names, but that only means that there is a Spanish influence in the country. One such place is the Port -of - Spain, which lies on the North West of the country's coastline.

What Is Lizzie In Spanish?

Names stay the same in every country. If I was in Japan every Japanese speaking person would still call me Luke. Therefor Lizzie in Spanish is Lizzie.

What is unfezant's spanish name?

Unfezant. All Pokemon's Spanish names are the same as their English names.

Is costa rica a spanish speaking country?

yes Spanish and English speaking country mostly Spanish.

What does shanay mean in Spanish?

Shanay has no meaning in Spanish. Only Spanish names have meaning in Spanish.

Why is it that many cities and towns in the Sothwestern part of the US have spanish names?

The area was settled by the Spanish and used to be part of Mexico. Most of the Spanish-language names are the names they were given at the time of settlement.

What spanish speaking country that starts with e?

Ecuador is a country in South America. It is a Spanish speaking country.

Do scientific names vary depending on the country you are working in?

No. Scientific names are scientific names no matter what country you are in. Common names, on the other hand, not only vary from country to country but can vary from region to region within the same country.

Is Argentina spanish speaking country?

yes Argentina is a spanish speaking country

Is Mexico a Spanish speaking country?

Yes, Mexico is a Spanish speaking country.

Is Chili a Spanish speaking country?

yes, Chile is a Spanish speaking country.

Is panama a spanish speaking country?

yes Panama is a spanish speaking country

Is Honduras a Spanish speaking country?

Yes, Honduras is a spanish speaking country.

Is Nicaragua a spanish speaking country?

Yes, Nicaragua is a Spanish-speaking country.

Is spanish and Spain is the same country?

Spanish is the language spoken in the country of Spain.

What is the closest spanish speaking country to florida?

Assuming that by "Spanish speaking country" you mean a country where Spanish is the official language, Cuba is the closest to Florida.

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