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What are crime scene procedures?

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Dust for fingerprints; collect any obvious eivdence; tyre marks; talk to witnesses and suspects;

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In NYS Where can CSI procedures for a violent crime scene be found in police protocol Ineed to find the exact procedures that prompt an expidation of a crime scene.. ie evidence and fingerprints?

You can use iodine or dust to trace fingerprints by Georgia white

What does a crime scene photographer do?

a crime scene photographer takes photos of corpses at a crime scene they also take pictures of evedence and where it is in the crime scene eg.blood splatter

What is the original location of a crime scene?

primary crime scene

What is the difference between crime scene and scene of a crime?


When and why are crime scene diagram done?

someone draws a crime scene diagram before anything at the crime scene is touched. they do this so that if needed they can recreate the crime scene for various things.

What is the primary crime scene?

The primary crime scene is the place where a crime was first committed.

What is the difference between a detective and crime scene investigator?

A crime scene investigator analyzes evidence from a crime scene. A detective does show up to the crime scene. They just cant touch evidence.

What do forensic scientist carry to a crime scene?

Crime scene Vehicle along with all essential crime scene Investigation boxes.

What is unknown in a crime scene?

Who committed the crime is usually unknown in a crime scene and has to be proven with evidence.

What does CSI stand for?

Crime Scene Investigation or Crime Scene Investigator

What does CSI mean?

Crime Scene Investigation orCrime Scene Investigators

What would the crime scene investigation unit do at a crime scene?


What is a crime scene used for?

A crime?

What is the name of the place where an unlawful event occurs?

The "scene of crime" or "crime scene".

When was The Scene of the Crime created?

The Scene of the Crime was created on 2007-09-25.

What is the name of the job where you take DNA of a crime scene?

The name of the job where you would take DNA from a crime scene is called a Crime Scene Investigator.

What is the name of the person who takes pictures at a crime?

They are known as crime scene investigator/examiner, crime scene photographer, crime photographer.

What is the difference between crime scene investigator and crime scene analyst?

the investigator actually looks at the crime and takes pictures to bring back to the analyst to figure out what everything was in the crime scene

Can there be more than one crime scene?

Yes, there is the primary crime scene and the secondary crime scene. For example, if a body was found in a trash can but there is no evidence that the person was killed there then it means the person was killed somewhere else. The primary crime scene is where the person was killed and the secondary crime scene is where the body was dumped.

What is the most interesting thing about crime scenes and crime scene investigators?

A criminal always leaves DNA in the crime scene, and recovering evidence such as fingerprints and DNA is the most interesting thing about crime scenes and crime scene investigators. Forensic investigators can recreate a crime scene using evidence and crime simulation programs.

What is the best crime scene investigator?

you need to be strong minded to be a crime scene investigator

How is Mathematics applied to crime scene investigations?

How is mathmatics used in crime scene investagation?

What does a crime scene investagator really do?

a crime scene investigator is a person who finds out who the suspect is

What do you call a crime scene find?

Anything found at a crime scene is considered evidence.

Who is a famous crime scene investigator?

A famous crime scene investigator is Henry Lee.