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Jewish answer: For Hanukkah, no decorations are obligatory. In homes and schools, children may be encouraged to make decorations such as depictions of a menorah (Hanukkah-candelabrum), a cruse of oil, or a dreidel.

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What decorations they use for Hanukkah?

Not all Jewish households do decorations. If decorations are used, they are small, such as "happy hanukkah" signs and streamers. Only the insides of a house are decorated.

What are some festive Hanukkah decorations?

Hanukkah decorations can include everything from the Star of David to menorahs, dreidel cookies and candles. Party City, Windy City Novelties and Century Novelty have inexpensive decorations and toys for Hanukkah.

What are some decorations for Hanukkah?

If decorations are used, they are usually small. Sometimes a "Happy Hanukkah" sign is put up. Sometimes streamers of blue and white are used.

What kind of decorations are for Hanukkah?

Dreidels, menorahs, and the Jewish star.

Is the star of david a customary Hanukkah symbol?

No, it is not a customary Hanukkah symbol; but since it's a customary Jewish symbol, it is sometimes used in Hanukkah-themed decorations.

What are decorations used for Hanukkah?

The concept of decorating for Hanukkah is relatively new (only a few decades), and there are no customs or rules about it. Most families do not do any decorating for Hanukkah.

Are there any special decorations for hanukkah?

Any and all decorations are optional. Children might enjoy making paper depictions of menorahs, jugs of olive oil, and the like.

What are some traditional Hanukkah decorations?

Some traditional decorations:A menora with its 8 armsa 4 sided top (dreidel)

What would you expect to find at a Hanukkah event?

Potato pancakes, jelly donuts, Hanukkah-themed decorations, dreidels, and appropriate songs.

What are the decorations for Hanukkah?

Decorating for Hanukkah is a new practice among the non-Orthodox that was borrowed from Christmas. Usually only the inside of a house is decorated, and the decorations tend to be small. There are no rules. Common decorative themes include Dreidels and Chanukiot.

Do people use special decorations for Hanukkah?

Some families, do, but it's not very common.

What decorations would you use on Hanukkah?

Paper cutouts in the shapes of menorahs and cruses of oil.

What are some traditional decorations from Hanukkah?

pictupres of chanukiyas that an 8 branched candelabrum or pictures ofdreidels there all sorts

What are the typical decorations during Hanukkah?

None are required. Those who do decorate, might typically put up depictions of menorahs, cruses of oil, and Stars of David. See also:More about Hanukkah

In what ways are Christmas and Hanukkah similar?

None. The two holidays are completely different and unrelated. The only similarities are the Hanukkah practices that were borrowed from Christmas among non-Orthodox Jews, such as gift-giving and decorations.

What has the author Mae Rockland Tupa written?

Mae Rockland Tupa has written: 'The new work of our hands' -- subject(s): Patchwork, Jewish needlework 'The Hanukkah book' -- subject(s): Hanukkah decorations

What are the similarities between Hanukkah and Ramadan?

There are no obvious similarities between Hanukkah and Ramadan besides for the coincidence that Ramadan is the ninth month on the Muslim calendar and Hanukkah happens during the 9th month (called Kislev) on the Jewish calendar. Hanukkah is an eight-day minorJewish festival occurring in December during which Jews light candles every evening. Some extra prayers are added to the daily prayers. It's customary to eat certain foods. Ramadan is the Holiest Muslim monthduring which Muslims fast all month during the day. It happens every 12 lunar months and therefor can fall out anytime during the year; each year it starts about 11 days earlier than the previous year (on the "solar" calendar.)

What does blue represent in Hanukkah?

There is no connection between Hanukkah and any particular color(s). The reason Christians think that Hanukkah has colors, is because Christmas has colors. The Jews, in response to this, started using the colors of the Israeli flag (blue and white) to create Hanukkah decorations. But this custom has only been around for a few decades.

What decorations do the Jewish people put out to celebrate Hanukkah?

Decorating for Hanukkah is a relatively new, non-Orthodox concept. Jewish families generally put up "Happy Hanukkah" signs or decorate with images of Menorahs and Dreidels. Usually decorating is small, and limited to the inside of the house.

What colors do Jewish people use on Hanukkah?

There are actually no traditional Hanukkah colors. But because of influence from Christmas (which DOES have traditional colors), Jewish people took the colors of the Israeli flag (blue and white) and use them for Hanukkah wrapping paper and decorations. But this "tradition" is only a few decades old".

Is Hanukkah one of the longest hoildays?

It is one of the longest Jewish holidays, but some other religions have longer holidays, such as Ramadan, which is observed by Muslims.

Does Islam celebrate Christmas?

no. they celebrate Hanukkah which is their kind of Christmas but without all the santa, Christmas tree, decorations and it is not on the 25th. hope that helped!

What are the decorations of Ramadan?

I think you should focus on pleasing Allah but you can put up some decoration like lights, balloons, stars, and moons.

How has Hanukkah changed over the years?

Influence from Christmas has created some modern "traditions" in Hanukkah among the non-Orthodox, such as gift giving and themed decorations. Hanukkah has also been elevated from a relatively minor holiday to a seemingly major holiday on the Jewish calendar, particularly in the eyes of non-Jews.

Do the Jewish decorate for Hanukkah?

Some Jews decorate for Hanukkah. There is a reason of Pirsumei Nissah, publicizing the miracle; but for that, the menorah itself is enough. Not all Jews put up decorations, and by no means does it have to be done. But it is a nice thing to do, and therefore many Jews do it.