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The abbreviation com could stand for:

  • COM is an acronym for Component Object Model.
  • COM Community
  • COM Complete (railroads)
  • COM Common
  • COM Commercial
  • COM Commercial (internet top level domain)
  • COM Communications
  • COM Committee
  • COM Command (File Name Extension)
  • COM Comedy
  • COM Communicate
  • COM Comoros (ISO Country code)
  • COM commander (US DoD)
  • COM Comma
  • COM Council on Ministries
  • COM Commodore
  • COM College of Medicine
  • COM Comedy Central (cable network)
  • COM Count on Me
  • COM Center Of Mass
  • COM Chief of Mission

I assume you mean com as in dot com, com means commercial in this sense. If you were looking for a different context, please write back with the context for the abbreviation.
computer... or complementary... i 4-get
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The abbreviation CWM has over thirty four different meanings. One of the meanings is Christian Witness Ministries. Another is Chemical Warfare Material.

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The abbreviation AR stands for Accelerated Readers. It could also stand for other meanings in many cultures

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There are over 200 meanings for the TTI acronym and abbreviation. For example, TTI could stand for the Texas Transportation Institute, or Teletype Test Instruction.

What does the abbreviation RTR stand for?

RTR can have many different meanings. I would really depend on the context that it is used in. A few meanings are Ready to Run, Real Time Reporting, or Ready to Rumble.

What does pwa stand for?

There are several meanings for the abbreviation of PWA. The most common meaning for this abbreviation is Public Works Administration.

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The abbreviation CJD is actually known by a few different meanings including the following: Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease, Criminal Justice Department or Civil Justice Division.

What does the abbreviation MDL stand for?

The acronym MDL has many different meanings. Among these meanings are minimum description length, memory descriptor list, Microsoft data link, and multiple distribution line.

What does the abbreviation CCH mean?

The abbreviation CCH has several meanings to it depending on the topic, but if we are focusing on computerized information, then it can stand for Computerized Criminal History.

What does the abbreviation ipos stand for?

There are many meanings for the abbreviation IPOS. The most common is Initial Public Offerings, used in stocks.It could also stand for Intellectual Property Office of Singapore or International Psycho-Oncology Society. It just depends on which one you are exactly looking for.

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The abbreviation SAFA has many different meanings. Some of them are South African Football Association, South Asian Federation of Accountants, Stand Alone Fast Access and South African Freedom Alliance.

What does the term CVU stand for?

The acronym CVU can have many different meanings. The most common term for CVU is it can be an abbreviation for ConnectVU. CVU can also mean cardiovascular unit.

What does OPN stand for?

There are various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: OPN. One of the several meanings is Ordering Part Number.

What does the abbreviation eim stand for?

There are multiple meanings for the abbreviation EIM and typically vary based on location. In the United States, the most common meanings are Electronic Information Management and Enterprise Identity Mapping for the company IBM.

What does the abbreviation SIFMA stand for?

The abbreviation SIFMA can stand for a few different things. The most popular result is "Security Industry and Financial Markets Association". Other meanings include "Socialized Industrial Forest Management Agreement" and "Standard Infrastructure Fund Managers Africa Limited".

What does the abbreviation ETES stand for?

The abbreviation ETES has a few possible meanings. It is known to stand for Emigrant Trail Elementary School, El Toro Elementary School and El Toyon Elementary School.

What does the acronym BUB stand for?

BUB has a few different acronym meanings. It could be the airport code for the airport in Burwell Nebraska. It could also stand for Battle Update Briefing.

What does the abbreviation sec stand for?

SEC could stand for Second, but it could also be short for Secretary.

What does the abbreviation ASV stand for?

The abbreviation ASV stands for many different things. A few different things it could include: Anti Virus Service, All Very Snobby, and Aft Vented Step.

What does the abbreviation HSUS stand for?

There are four different meanings for the abbreviation HSUS. First, Health Services Utilization Study. Second, Historical Statistics of the United States. Third, Humane Society of the United States. Lastly, Hooks and Stems of Unicaria Sinensis.

What does the abbreviation smh stand for?

The abbreviation "SMH" could stand for "System Management Homepage" for Hewlett-Packard. It could also be the monogram for wrestling personality Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

What does the acronym MML stand for?

There are many different meanings for the acronym MML. MML could stand for internet slang such as Made Me Laugh. It could also have the meaning in computer lingo for machine made language.

What does ABM stand for?

The abbreviation, ABM can stand for several different things. ABM could mean Ability Based Management. ABM could mean Anti-Ballistic Missile. ABM can also stand for The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

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There are at least two meanings for the abbreviation MYX. MYX is the airport code for Menyamya, Papau New Guinea. It also can stand for Multicultural Youth Exchange.