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What are different meanings that the abbreviation COM could stand for?


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The abbreviation com could stand for:

  • COM is an acronym for Component Object Model.
  • COM Community
  • COM Complete (railroads)
  • COM Common
  • COM Commercial
  • COM Commercial (Internet top level domain)
  • COM Communications
  • COM Committee
  • COM Command (File Name Extension)
  • COM Comedy
  • COM Communicate
  • COM Comoros (ISO Country code)
  • COM commander (US DoD)
  • COM Comma
  • COM Council on Ministries
  • COM Commodore
  • COM College of Medicine
  • COM Comedy Central (cable network)
  • COM Count on Me
  • COM Center Of Mass
  • COM Chief of Mission

I assume you mean com as in dot com, com means commercial in this sense. If you were looking for a different context, please write back with the context for the abbreviation.
computer... or complementary... i 4-get