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What are different types of firewalls?


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Types of Firewalls :-

Packet Filtering - Blocks selected network packets.

Circuit Level Relay - SOCKS is an example of this type of firewall. This type of proxy is not aware of applications but just cross links your connects to another outside connection. It can log activity, but not as detailed as an application proxy. It only works with TCP connections, and doesn't provide for user authentication.

Application Proxy Gateway - The users connect to the outside using the proxy. The proxy gets the information and returns it to the user. The proxy can record everything that is done. This type of proxy may require a user login to use it. Rules may be set to allow some functions of an application to be done and other functions denied. The "get" function may be allowed in the FTP application, but the "put" function may not.

Proxy Servers can be used to perform the following functions.

Control outbound connections and data.

Monitor outbound connections and data.

Cache requested data which can increase system bandwidth performance and decrease the time it takes for other users to read the same data.

Application proxy servers can perform the following additional functions:-

Provide for user authentication.

Allow and deny application specific functions.

Apply stronger authentication mechanisms to some applications Fore More information you can visit website: