What are disadvantages of right to education act?

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Without the right to education, people would be ignorant and would assume education as invaluable. People would not claim and pursue anything, they won't try their best to attain it because they believe they don't deserve it. Others won't be given a chance to have it because they don't have the right to. Prejudice and judgement will rule the world. Education is like a light that helps us create our worldview, without it, everything will fall apart.
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What are the disadvantages of education?

There are a few small disadvantages to getting an education. Forone thing, a formal education can result in a child losing some oftheir individual creativity. For another thin

Disadvantages of education?

In general terms, the disadvantages of education (understood as theformal preparation of youth for productive living as individualsand as members of society) are not numerous,

What is Right to education act in India?

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act (RTE) , which was passed by the Indian parliament on 4 August 2009, describes the modali

What are the disadvantages of right to information act 2005 in India?

According to my opinion ... Official Secrets Act 1923 is the father of RTI act 2005 , According to Official Secrets Act 1923, RTI can only provide certain amount of inform

What are the merits of Right to Education Act?

well....i have a debate on this topic tomorrow . i came here so that i could get some relevent points for my debate competition but here, u people r asking us the questions !

Is right to education act targeted only at weaker sections?

No, it is universal. Any child who is a citizen of India, rich or poor; boy or girl; born to parents of any caste, religion or ethnicity shall have this right. If a rich paren
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What are the aims of right to education act?

The Basic aim of Right To Education Act is to admit 6-14 years children in a neighborhood school and ensure his/her attendance and Quality education for completion of elementa
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What are the disadvantage of right to education act?

The Right to Education, RTE, or Right of Children to Free andCompulsory Education Act of 2009 involves schools reserving 25percent of their seats at entry level for disadvanta
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What does right to education act signify?

write to education act signifies that every person who is a citizen of its respective country whether he/she is poor,rich,young or old has a full and freely a right to educati
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What are the disadvantages of right to education act?

A disadvantage of Right to Education Act are lawmakers notincluding educational needs for children past the age of 14.Individual states are left to make separate laws to exten