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*Try an organic citrus spray around the perimeter of the room. They have a very strong orange scent that subsides over a few days and seem to repel critters for a while. I bought some at Lowe's. *The fruit from an osage orange tree is moderately effective if placed inside the house. If you live in the Southwest, catch a little fence lizard and keep it in your house. You will almost never see it, they pretty much stay on the ceiling, and they'll hunt tirelessly for Spiders. Just be sure you leave a little water out for it to drink. I put a couple lids (like mayonnaise jars) of water on top of a tall bookcase. *You can also use an item you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot. It's really a mouse trap and has a very sticky substance on it. When something walks on it, it sticks to it. This works really well for catching spiders and other insects. Just place them around the house, garage etc. and let it do the work without the use of smelly and unsafe chemicals. Toby

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Q: What are easily accessible non-toxic ways to keep spiders out of a room?
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