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Good bicepsI've Been in the Marines for about a year now and I've found two good ways to get good biceps pull ups, and "21's" by 21's I mean do your curls by doing 7 half way up, 7 the rest of the way up and 7 all the way up

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  • The first queston is, do you want good looking biceps or do yo want strong biceps. For the latter I agree with my fellow Devil Dog, curl and pullups will streghten it for sure. Try working with heavy weights and slow movements.
  • To help with appearance, don't forget your tricep, a strong and well developed tricep will help push the bicep to the upper area of the arm for the classic bicep look most people are aiming for.
  • I agree with both priors and will just add: try doing standing cable curls, it keeps constant tension on the muscle and is harder on the negative than free weights. Pull ups and such will make it thicker but concentrate curls will give you a taller peak and make it harder.
  • Ok, try this out. (doing biceps 2x a week) 1 week do 3x8 standing db curls. Week 2, do 3x12 bi curls. Week 3 do 3x12 bi curls. And week 4, one day do 3x3, and one day do 3x5. Cycle this, meaning once you've finished the process start from the beginning again. This'll give you 3 weeks of mass reps, and 1 week of strength reps. Try and keep each 2 days apart, for example once on Mon, and once on Thurs.

*Chin ups directly affect the bicep more than pull ups; pull ups target your lats on your back.

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Q: What are effective exercises for developing bicep muscles?
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What exercises are for the primary skeletal muscles?

crunches bicep curls

What exercises really help with your bicep muscles?

There are many excercises to help with bicep, some are for effective then other. My fab 4 * concentration curls * barbell curls * dumbell curls * low pulley curls

Exercises used to build up bicep strength?

Bicep strength can be increased by means of regular work outs to the bicep muscle. Some basic exercises that can help you strengthen your bicep muscles are:Standing barbell curlStanding dumbbell curlPreacher curls

What are some excursuses I can do with only dumbbells?

There are many exercises you can use dumbbells for; most of them involve working the muscles in the arms. Bicep curls and tricep presses are just two of the numerous exercises you can perform with them.

What is the most effective way to build up your biceps?

The most effective way to build your bicep is to use the best bicep exercises and also rotate your exercise picks once in a few weeks. You must train your bicep in proper form twice a week and also eat a good quantity and quality of protein. Some exercises you can use are:Standing Barbell curlsStanding dumbbell curlsPreacher bench curlsInclined bench curlsConcentration curlsYou can choose 3 out of the above 5 mentioned exercises and do 4 sets of each of them on your bicep work out day.

What are some good exercises for the bicep?

Bicep dumbbell curls and pull ups with the palms facing you.

What are some simple exercises for increasing bicep mass?

There are numerous exercises a person can do to increase bicep mass. You can do pushups. These require nothing but your own body weight. Bicep curles are another exercise you that be done with anything you can hold in your hand.

Are arm curls and low rows pulling exercises?

Why yes, yes they are. Most back and bicep exercises are pulling exercises

What muscles are involved in bent over dumbbell rows?

your Bicep Muscles

Which muscles bend your arms?

Bicep & Tricep muscles bend your arm. :)

How many bicep muscles in the body?


What are examples of agonist muscles?

Bicep Brachii

What muscles are used in bicep curls?


Which muscles is antagonists of the tricep brachili?

The bicep.

What muscles are used when bending over?


What are the names of your arm muscles?

tricep and bicep

What muscles work in pairs?

Skeletal muscles do Basically voluntary muscles e.g. Bicep and tricep

What muscles are used during figure skating?

bicep (upper arms), leg muscles,but muscles, and stomach muscles

What movement does the bicep perform during a bicep curl?

the bicep contracts in a concentric contraction which means the muscles has shortened. remember muscles can only pull they can not push. also the bicep curl can be described as elbow flexion and when the weight is lowered is called elbow extention. hope it helps

What muscles are used during elbow curls?

The Main muscles used when you do elbow curls are the bicep muscles.

Which biceps workouts are effective?

There are no particular bicep programs that are necessary, what you need to figure out is what exercises work best for your body. You could try going to your local gym and asking a trainer.

Is the "Perfect Push-up" really more effective than regular push-ups?

While it is not "perfect", for those interested in focusing on bicep and tricep muscles, it is somewhat more effective.

What is the muscles involved in elbow flexion?

bicep brachii

What muscles do bicep curls train?

Biceps maybe...?

How much muscles make 1 bicep?