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An electromagnetic device is any device that uses electromagnets to operate. Some examples include: electric motors, electric generators (alternators), speakers, etc. An electromagnet is typically a coil of wire with an electric current running through it which generates a magnetic field according to laws and principles developed by Ampere, Faraday, and Maxwell among others. Electromagnetism was discovered by Oersted in 1820.

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Q: What are electromagnetic devices?
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What are some electromagnetic devices?

electromagnetic devices are devices that work on electricity but are magnetic

Are cell phones electromagnetic devices?

Cell phones are electromagnetic devices. This is because they use electromagnetic radiation to emit radio-frequency energy when interacting other electronic devices.

Examples of electromagnetic devices?

electric bells cranes

What devices that used electromagnetic induction to operate?


What is put in the core of electromagnetic induction devices?

The answer is iron.

Which type of wave from the electromagnetic spectrum are used in heat lamps and heat sensing devices?

Infrared waves from the electromagnetic spectrum are used in heat lamps and heat sensing devices.

What electromagnetic spectrum is used in communication devices?

doodle jump

What are examples of electromagnetic devices?

loudspeakers, tape recorders,motors,etc.

What are the signals that are transmitted to and from wireless electronic devices carried on?

electromagnetic waves

What is electromagnetic fog?

Nearly all electrical devices will emit some electromagnetic radiation. In some cases this can be strong enough to affect nearby sensitive instruments or radio receivers and can be the result of multiple devices operating in a small area.

What type of electromagnetic wave is used in tv remote control devices?

apparently heat

A fluctuation in voltage levels caused by other devices on the network or electromagnetic interference is called what?


What is electromagnetic use for?

Motors, solenoids, lifting devices. (doorbells, electric razors, junk yards)

What has the author Herbert H Woodson written?

Herbert H. Woodson has written: 'Electromechanical dynamics' -- subject(s): Dynamics, Electromagnetic devices, Electromagnetism, Electromechanical devices

What is maser and laser?

maser : any of several devices that amplify or generate electromagnetic waves, especially microwaves.

Does the Air Force really use microwaves or electromagnetic frequency devices to cause people to have heart attacks?


Which types of wave from the electromagnetic spectrum are used in heat lamps and heat sensing devices?

ultraviolet rays

Which type of waves from the electromagnetic spectrum are used in heat lamps and sensing device?

UV waves are caused by the electromagnetic spectrum that imitates the sun. It is used in heat lamps and sensing devices.

What is the relation between medical and electromagnetic?

There is no relation between medical uses of electromagnetic energy and alternative devices. There are no available scientific evidence to support claims in treating any diseases with the use of electromagnetism.

What has the author Tore Wessel-Berg written?

Tore Wessel-Berg has written: 'Electromagnetic and Quantum Measurements - A Bitemporal Neoclassical Theory' 'Electromagnetic and quantum measurements' -- subject(s): Electromagnetic measurements, Physical measurements, Quantum theory 'Theoretical investigation of bulk semiconductor techniques for application to phased array microwave devices' -- subject(s): Industrial applications, Microwave devices, Semiconductors

Why the microwave devices called as microwave devices?

The (electromagnetic ) radiation they emit is short or micro wavelength ( 2.45 GHz frequency) which causes resonance in water molecules, resulting in rapid heating.

How do wireless communication systems send and receive signals?

on electromagnetic wavesThrough Tx and Rx devices which send signal to the station

How do electromagnetic devices impact on society?

Electromagnets are widely used in the society. An advantage is that humans use electromagnets in all kinds of useful utensils like doorbells, telephones, cranes, computer disks, mobile phones, televisions and so on. Also eye surgeons, while performing operations, use electromagnetic devices to recover the patient.

What has the author Nathan Ida written?

Nathan Ida has written: 'Electromagnetics and calculation of fields' -- subject(s): Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic fields 'Engineering electromagnetics' -- subject(s): Mathematics, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic devices, Mathematical models

What is the purpose of a spectrophotometer?

There are many interesting devices. A spectrophotometer is an instrument made to measure properties of light over a specified area of the electromagnetic spectrum.