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Some examples of feminism could be:
Admitting women into the army

Increasing the pay of a female worker so as to be equal to that of a male worker

Allowing women to be employees in a company
The history of feminism has always been closely linked with contemporary feminist politics.
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What is feminism?

Feminism is a diverse collection of social theories, political movements, and moral philosophies. Some versions are critical of past and present social relations. Many focus on analyzing what they believe to be social constructions of gender and sexuality. Many focus on studying gender inequality an ( Full Answer )

What are examples of Feminism in black literature?

Black Feminism is sexism, racism, and homophobia. to help African Americans women to be equal with men If you want examples of Black Feminist literature I suggest the works of Octavia Butler see link.

Who started feminism?

Some people believe that it was a woman called Lillith, supposed to be the first woman in the bible. she appeared before Eve but left Eden as she refused to submit to Adam. Pre-feminist movements there are many of women who were writers, philosophers and scientists, Marie Cure, Mary Wolstencraft ( Full Answer )

Example of feminism?

Feminism is the belief that women are equal to men and should havethe same rights. The fight for the right to vote, seen in thewomen's suffrage movement, is a prime example.

How did feminism end?

Answer . It hasn't ended, there have been different waves of feminism, but there is still a general feminist movement today.

Why did feminism start?

Women were sick and tired of being oppressed by men and wanted to have equal rights and opportunities. Major issues included the right to vote, receive an education, and marriage rights.

What is forced feminization?

Forced feminiation is generally a long term endeavor between a Dominant Female and her submissive subordinate male partner. These relations more often than not include cuckolding and despite a lack of approval from 'normal' society can only function in a loving, fulfilling relationship wher the man ( Full Answer )

What are the Principles of feminism?

The basic principle of feminism is that it is a movement created to work towards social, political, monetary and artistic equality between men and women. Our current social system revolves around 'Patriarchy' - i.e. that men control society, rather than men and women controlling it equally. Femin ( Full Answer )

Femine of wizard?

Wizard is a gender-specific noun. we do not want to needlessly introduce witchraft so we won"t I would have to say the Spanish- and oddly Germanic MAGA a woman who is skilled in Magic and sorcery, would probably come the closest. In Spanish language translations, wizard is rendered as Mago- note the ( Full Answer )

Femine for sultan?

Usually, only male progeny may succeed as a Sultan. However, a female may succeed as a Sultan or called Sultana only when there is no other male progeny to succeed. Whenever, a male progeny be available from the Royal bloodline, then he may succeed and the Sultana may abdicate. One such female was t ( Full Answer )

What is femine for author?

There is a word - authoress - for a lady writer, but it is considered disparaging. Use "author."

Why is feminism wrong?

In it's early life it was useful to western women, but in modernsociety the problems that once were no longer persist. ModernFeminist nowadays tend to view social issues related to bothgenders, and twist the facts that make them seem as though theyonly apply to their gender. E.g. modern Feminism cla ( Full Answer )

When and why did feminism emerge?

Feminism was a reaction to the industrial revolution. Early feminist include JS Milton and Karl Marx. Milton viewed women as being unfairly oppressed by their husbands and men in general. - The Subjugation of Women (1869) Marx believed that the industrial revolution provided the opportunity fo ( Full Answer )

What are objectives of feminism?

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. In short, we want to be treated equally to men- equal pay for equal work, and so on.

Why is feminism criticised?

Some people believe that feminists are man-haters who want to destroy the fabric of society. Others argue that feminism has achieved very little and that women are still viewed as second-class citizens, and that unofficial inequalities (e.g. the 'glass ceiling') still exist unchallenged.

What is femine?

The word femine means woman or wife or womanly, depending oncontext. However, it only survives in latin phrases and is not usedin English. People use other words instead. Feminine is from thesame root, and not obsolete. It is used to mean womanly as well. In case you meant the word "famine," that w ( Full Answer )

What is radical feminism?

Radical Feminism is the belief that women's oppression is caused by the patriarchy, which is a system of male authority that is especially manifested in sexuality, personal relationships, and the family, but that spills over into the rest of the male-dominated world. Radical Feminism holds that " ( Full Answer )

Is feminism a threat?

If you think that women should be oppressed and denied basic rights and equality, then yes. If you believe in equality and justice for everyone, then NO!

What is the opposite of feminism?

anti-feminism The question asked can be confusing to answer as it can contain various different answers. Technically speaking anti-feminists appose the feminist movement arguing it can cause damage to society. However if the question you were asking is referring to the existence of a male alterna ( Full Answer )

What is socialist feminism?

Socialist feminism is a branch of feminism that argues that liberation for women can only be achieved by eliminating capitalism. Socialist feminists view the profit-driven capitalist system as the main bulwark of patriarchy, and the driving force behind labor exploitation, poverty, racism, homophob ( Full Answer )

What is the femine of councilmen?

The female equivalent would be "councilwomen", but I'd suggest that you use the generic "councillors" as a non-gender-specific alternative.

What is a feminized seed?

A feminized seed is a seed that will be 100% genetically femalefrom inside the seed but still can produce male pollen sacks due toenvironmental stress or over fertilization. They are produced fromstressing a female in late flowering enough to produce a pollen sacand using that pollen to in turn poll ( Full Answer )

How do you feminize my husband?

I am not an authority on this issue, and I am sure that you won't find any expertise hereabouts that can help you on such weird subject.

What is feminized marijuana?

Marijuana from seeds that were grown to be female. This ensures a female plant, thus ensuring higher grade marijuana.

Is Islamic feminism truly feminism?

Yes, Islamic feminism is truly feminism just as much as feminismwithin any other religion. Feminism is about the fight for equalityfor women with men, Muslims can support this as much as anyoneelse.

Is feminism Christian?

The term feminism did first come into being in a generally Christian society, However no religion could claim that it has brought into being any system that would impart more rights or equality to women. It is due to the weakness of the Christians that feminism came into being. In most Islamic count ( Full Answer )

How do you practice feminism?

Feminism is more of a belief, but you can support equality of women. Practice your right to vote and protect the rights of women, do not demean women, and if you are a woman make sure to go out and break the gender roles set forth by society by getting an education and being a strong/independent wom ( Full Answer )

What are myths of feminism?

Feminists hate men, are hippies, don't shave, are lesbians, and that only women are feminists.

What is the purpose of feminism?

No-one knows. There were 3 women who knew. One´s dead, the other went mad and the third can´t remember.

What is the femine of rooster?

The female of the chicken is called a hen. A hen under one year is called a pullet. A hen off egg laying age is called a layer and a chicken with a clutch of eggs is called a brooder.

Is feminism noun?

Yes, the word 'feminism' is a noun , a common,uncountable, abstract noun; a word for the advocacy of women'srights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality;a word for a concept; a word for a thing.

Can you study feminism?

Some schools offer "Gender Studies" where you can learn about the roles of people in society, and this will definitely study feminism.

What was the impact of feminism?

Through feminism the social roles of women changed drastically. Women are now able to openly receive higher education and pursue careers in all fields. They have been given their right to vote and are more equal under the law than they were before. Women also now have the right to vote in the United ( Full Answer )

What was the goal of feminism?

The goals of feminism ARE to get women equal rights under the lawand equal stature in society. Feminism is an ongoing movement. Additional thoughts: Whilst that is all correct. It has grow to be about equality forboth genders as well. So eradicating gender stereotypes so it is inmen good interests ( Full Answer )

What is the femine of donkey?

A femal donkey is called a jenny and a male donkey (that hasn't been gelded) is called a jack.

Is feminism justifiable?

Anything is justifiable if you use the right philosophical angle. (utilitarianism for example is capable of justifying mass murders) The reason feminism is so debated is that they are fighting for EQUAL rights which are not necessarily FAIR rights. The most debated section includes higher wage ( Full Answer )

When did feminism began?

Before Eve there was a woman named Lilith who left Adam because she did not want to submit to him, many people consider her the first feminist.

What does feminism aim to do?

Get equal rights for women! In the US at the moment this may include issues such as equal pay, and the right to use birth control.

Is it wrong to be feminized?

No its not wrong to be feminized . Only when it is against your Will! Because when a person is forced that is wrong .

Who wrote Feminism?

Who wrote morality? Or ethics? See how stupid your question is now? No one 'wrote' a prominent, historical scio-political theory.

What is the sign for feminism?

Do you mean the Female sighn? It looks like a circle with a cross. For males it's a circle with an arrow. Also a feminine color is red pink etc. The way a woman speaks can also affect how feminine she is.

What are the limitations of feminism?

Broadly speaking, the concerns of women must be balanced against the concerns of men. Women have every right to seek and demand social equality with men, but if they want superiority to men, then there will be problems.

How do you feminize a guy?

Appearance-wise - Dress him in women's clothing and apply make upto him. Sexual-wise - The use of certain sex toys on him (ie "strap-ons"). Probably best to make sure it's okay with the guy first.

What is feminism-?

The official definition for the word feminism is "the advocacy ofwomen's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economicequality to men."

What is the femine of mare?

Mare is the feminine. Mare means adult female horse. Stallion isthe masculine or Gelding if it's had surgery so it can't breed

Is feminism good?

Feminism has been a useful social movement with the purpose ofattaining equal rights for women on the same grounds as men. Sincethis has been achieved in all developed countries, feminism wouldnow be more useful in developing countries where women do not haveequal rights on the same grounds as men a ( Full Answer )

What are the waves of feminism?

First wave feminism took place in the late 1800s and early1900s where it focused on legal issues such as the women's right tovote. . Second wave feminism took place between the 1960s and the 1980sand was more focused on issues like sexual harassment in theworkplace and domestic abuse/marital rape. ( Full Answer )

What id feminism?

Answer: "Feminism is an interdisciplinary approach to issues ofequality and equity based on gender, gender expression, genderidentity, sex, and sexuality as understood through social theoriesand political activism. Feminists believe that women should betreated equal on all levels as that of a man". ( Full Answer )

How do you stop feminism?

50% of humans are female and historically they have not beentreated equally in most societies. Demonstrably many societies havenot provided them with the same life opportunities as men. It isnot unreasonable that this imbalance should be corrected andpolitical feminism has been the means for achievi ( Full Answer )