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What are examples of freeware?

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What software companies offer freeware?

Freeware is software that is offered free, but has certain limitations. A few examples of companies that offer freeware include Adobe Reader and Skype.

Examples of freeware software?

Avast!, Malwarebytes and Spybot are examples of anti-malware programs that offer both paid and freeware versions. BigOven is an example of freeware that lets people store recipes. AceMoney Lite is an example of free budgeting software.

What are some non-examples of freeware?

Windows 7, Windows XP, Microsoft Office.

Is java freeware?

Yes its freeware.

What are 3 examples of freeware?

OpenOffice office suite, 7-zip file compression, and AVG anti-virus.

What are the Example of shareware and freeware?

Microsoft internet explorer is an example for freeware s/w and PDF to DWG Freeware is nice.

What is non-commercial freeware?

"Non-commercial" freeware is freeware that anyone can use for personal use, but not as part of a business.

What are some examples of freeware software?

Linux is the best example of freeware software. Other popular software is Java, MySql, Netbeans, Webmatrix etc. There are many more software that is free to use. Some companies offers free trials of his software also but they for limited use or some companies withdraw some features in freeware software.

What is freeware used in?

A freeware is any software or programs that are free to download and use.

Why java is freeware?

it is freeware because it wants to encourage people to use and publicise it

Give an example of freeware?

One example of freeware is the web browser you're using. Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome are all considered freeware.

Is Vocaloid freeware?

No. You have to pay for it. If you are looking for something similar, try downloding UTAU, which is freeware.

What are the differences between freeware and shareware?

freeware is free no money need, shareware need money

What is freeware used for?

Freeware is a software that is made for free and it is not always as great as the software that you would pay for.

Is freeware a copyright?

In freeware, the creator retains copyright; he is merely choosing not to charge for the use of his program.

Were do you find the best freeware for photo organizing just a simple prograhm?

what are the best freeware sites

Is freeware legal?


Is Windows 2000 freeware?


What in classified as the best freeware available?

What constitutes the "best" freeware is variable depending on who you ask and what your personal needs are. The web domain "TechSupportAlert," though, does have a list of some of the highest rated freeware available on the web.

Can you be charged with Frostwire?

No, it is a freeware program.

Which are the freeware available?

almost anything

Is icy towers illegal?

No, it is freeware.

How do you find freeware programs?

What is the software that has no copyright restriction?


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