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What are examples of hydro electric energy?


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Dams are an example of hydro electric energy because they produce energy while water going through it


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it comes from turbines and generators.

Natural Forms of energy : Solar, Hydro, Wind, Heat energy Artificial : Nuclear, Muscular, Electric, Mechanical,

For generating hydro electric energy we have to build dams across a river which disturbs its ecological balance and ecological balance of its surroundings so solar energy is far better than hydro electric energy.

Norway gets its energy from hydro electric power and Norway has 99% hydro power

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you get this from petting antens hair

Hydro electric ,thermal and nuclear energy

Wind power, Nuclear power, Coal Power Gas power, Tidal power and Hydro-electric Power.

Hydro-electric energy is the energy captured from the movement of water. Usually a dam is built which stores the water behind it. Water is released through the dam turning turbines which generate electricity.

An 'energy resource' is something that can or does supply energy. -ie a Hydro electric project.

Hydro-electric energy can be created in many ways, but all forms of energy require the spinning of a turbine to generate electricity.

wind energy ,hydro energy,fossil fuels,wood etc.

As long as there is rainfall, yes.

hydro energy heat energy wind energy light energy

The water goes in as mechanical energy and out as electric energy powering schools and homes.

solar electric roof, electric cars, Virtualized servers, wind turbines, hydro electric power

Hydro electric power are very common in because they are cheap and more available source of power

Nuclear, Hydro electric, Wind, Solar & biomass

The three gorges damn, Hoover damn

1.Water is collected at a certain height in huge reservoirs. 2.This water,which has lot of potential energy 3.The energy of falling water is used for generating electricity in hydro-electric power stations 4.In hydro-electric power plants turbines are used to convert the energy of falling water into mechanical energy 5.Hydro-electric power plants have least operating cost 6.They are free from environmental problem

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