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Dams are an example of hydro electric energy because they produce energy while water going through it

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Q: What are examples of hydro electric energy?
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What are some examples of hydro electric energy?

it comes from turbines and generators.

Why is solar energy better than hydro electric energy?

For generating hydro electric energy we have to build dams across a river which disturbs its ecological balance and ecological balance of its surroundings so solar energy is far better than hydro electric energy.

Which energy is generated from the turbines?

hydro electric energy

What is the meaning of hydro energy power plant?

hydro electric power plant

What are some examples of forms of energy?

Natural Forms of energy : Solar, Hydro, Wind, Heat energy Artificial : Nuclear, Muscular, Electric, Mechanical,

How does Norway obtain its energy?

Norway gets its energy from hydro electric power and Norway has 99% hydro power

Which type of energy travels in waves?

hydro electric energy power

Is hydro electric power the best renewable energy?


How do you get hydro electric energy?

you get this from petting antens hair

Is the sun is the source of hydro electric energy?

not from the sun

What are the main sources of energy in Pakistan?

Hydro electric ,thermal and nuclear energy

What energy is a renewable energy source due to flowing water?


What is hydro-electric energy?

Hydro-electric energy is the energy captured from the movement of water. Usually a dam is built which stores the water behind it. Water is released through the dam turning turbines which generate electricity.

Hoover dam produces what type of energy?


Is hydro electric-energy sustainable?

As long as there is rainfall, yes.

What types of energy are provided by water?

Hydro electric power

What are some examples of energy sources?

Wind power, Nuclear power, Coal Power Gas power, Tidal power and Hydro-electric Power.

Is Hydro-electric a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

It is a renewable source of energy!

When is gravitational energy converted into kinetic energy and then into a electrical current?

Hydro-electric powerplant

Is hydro energy made by flowing water?

Hydro-electric energy can be created in many ways, but all forms of energy require the spinning of a turbine to generate electricity.

What is the definition of energy resorce?

An 'energy resource' is something that can or does supply energy. -ie a Hydro electric project.

What are examples of convection energy?

wind energy ,hydro energy,fossil fuels,wood etc.

Similarities of fossil fuels and hydro-electric energy?

A similarity is not obvious to me.

Type of energy stored with in water behind a dam?


Why are turbines placed at the bottom of a dam?

To make hydro-electric energy.