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scientific Imperialism-it refers to any situation when science;seem to act imperialisly.such as the tendency to push a good scienctific idea;far beyond the domain .In which it was originally introduced.

government imperialism-the subjection of all developed and under developed countries and changing their will;to further help you r evoving of the world.

imperialism-the subjection of all underdeveloped and developed powers of the earth to the mind of man.

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Q: What are examples of imperialism?
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Can you give examples in history of imperialism?

The Mexican American War and the Spanish American War were examples of imperialism.

Give examples of Italian German and Japanese imperialism in the 1930's?

give two examples of Japanese imperialism

What are non examples of imperialism?

Insularity, Swaraj

What are examples of imperialism in Zambia?

forest, thicket, woodland and grassland vegetation types

What are 6 motive in Imperialism and what are some examples of them?

Six motives in Imperialism include expansionism, territory, resources, population, raw minerals, and religious beliefs. The US empire, the British empire, the Greek and Roman empires are some examples.

Three examples of imperialism?

One example of imperialism is Germany taking over France. Another example is the Sikhs in India. The last example is the Europeans in South Africa.

What are all of the examples of imperialism in Anna and the King?

when the people came after siam putting poisning in their drinks.

The Portuguese control of Macau and the British control of Hong Kong in China are examples of what?

it's an example of imperialism.

Examples of imperialism?

New imperialism Unit introduction: The most prominent reason for imperialism was to make as much money as possible there were many ways of doing so through imperialism one was to obtain raw resources from colonial resources like gold, spices, and valuable gems. Another way of making money through imperialism was by using the people native to that area as a work force in factories and textiles. Gaining control of the people was key for imperialism to work and therefore imperials sought after land gaining and keeping strategic land points so that power could be attained and held over the people, and lastly the desire to map out and explore uncharted land was another purpose for imperialism. Some examples of new imperialism were the apartheid in Africa Another Example is Germany taking over France

Does imperialism play any significant role in the modern world?

As a result of imperialism borders were created that made countries into war zones between enemy tribes and communities. Yes indeed. Iraq and Israel are good examples.

What is anti-imperialism?

Anti-imperialism is any belief or practice which opposes imperialism.

What are 5 examples of US imperialism?

clifford the big red dog, scar face, rocky, chuck norris, & betty white

How did American imperialism differ from European imperialism?

The US style of imperialism differed from European styles of imperialism in terms of scope and magnitude.

What Is cultural imperialism-?

Cultural imperialism is talking about different imperialism. It is also talking about the cultural.

What is the suffix of imperialism?

The Suffix of Imperialism is ism.

What is Pro-imperialism?

Pro-imperialism is any movement that is for imperialism. Imperialism is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.

What imperialism today is similar to japan's imperialism?


What was the cause of imperialism in China?

what was the cause of imperialism in china

What was Hawaii's part in imperialism?

It was a victim of American Imperialism.

Why is American imperialism bad?

There is no America imperialism today.

How is the new imperialism differed from the old imperialism?


British control over south Africa French control over indochina and spanish control over Mexico are examples of?

European Imperialism qualifies as such.

How does the imperialism of the Roman Empire compare to the imperialism of the US?

It doesn't compare- the imperialism of the USA is without comparison in history.

What form of imperialism is in India?

Economic imperialism was the form of imperialism used in India in the 1900s when it was under British rule.

Why did the American anti-imperialism league condemn imperialism?

The league argued that imperialism went against American principles