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Juxtaposition refers to the use of dissimilar terms, concepts, or images in order to contrast their varying (or opposite) attributes. This may be used for ironic effect, to create surprise or humor, or to stimulate the imagination.

Some examples of images would be a baby with a machine gun, a caveman using a microwave oven, or a tycoon pushing his limousine (it has run out of gas). Another example would be a billboard for a church placed right next to one advertising nude dancers.

Literary examples may include juxtaposed characters : Romeo and Tybalt, Scrooge and his mentor Mr. Fezziwig, or the two boys in The Prince and the Pauper. Or an event that brings happiness to one character and sadness to another.

Seemingly self-contradictory phrases are called oxymorons, and they are similarly used for their irony. They could include such phrases as happy misfortune, foolish wisdom, or alone in a crowd.

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Q: What are examples of juxtaposition?
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What are examples of a juxtaposition?

baby with a machine gun a caveman with a phone

What are examples of juxtaposition in 'Macbeth'?

The Porter's scene juxtaposes Duncan's death

What is the base word for juxtaposition?

Juxtapose is the base word of juxtaposition.

When was Juxtaposition Magazine created?

Juxtaposition Magazine was created in 2005.

What are some examples of juxtaposition in the house on mango street?

I like coffee I like tea I like the boy and the boys like me.

What are some examples of juxtaposition in the poem sailing to Byzantium?

"A juxtaposition is when two or more things stand side by side, even though they usually are not associated with another."Here is an example for an juxtaposition in your poem:"THAT is no country for old men. The young / In one another's arms" (l.l.1)The old men stands next to the young (-> old - young)"Of what is past, or passing, or to come."I think this might be an juxtaposition, too, but I am not sure. (the past next to the future)I hope I could help you!

What is a Sentence using juxtaposition?

A superstitious person might have interpreted this juxtaposition of events as a omen

An example of a sentence with juxtaposition?

She placed the chairs in juxtaposition to the drapes to see which matched the best.

How do you use juxtaposition while writing?

Juxtaposition is used as a noun. The juxtaposition between Julie's sunny demeanor, and her abrasive language, often caught people off guard.

An example of a juxtaposition sentence?

Juxtaposition is a word used to describe 2 things that are sitting close together. An example sentence would be, the juxtaposition of these 2 bottles of wine.

How do you use the word juxtaposition in a sentence?

The juxtaposition between the yellow daylilies and the purple salvia was striking.

What does the word juxtaposition mean?


What rhymes with juxtaposition?


What are examples of juxtaposition in Romeo and Juliet?

in act 3 scene 1...when mercutio is talking with benvolio. juxaposition is show in both their personalities and the way in which they are acting in the scene.

What words have the prefix juxta?

juxtaposition - the act of positioning close together (or side by side); "it is the result of the juxtaposition of contrasting colors".

How do you use the word juxtaposition in a sentence about the olympics?

The opening ceremonies of the Olympics featured the juxtaposition of the huge weightlifters with the tiny gymnasts.

An example of a juxtaposition?

Placing a red object next to a green object in a painting

Juxtaposition in a sentence?

Juxtaposition basically means comparison/contrast (n.). Juxtaposition is a noun, so naturally it can follow an article (a, an, the) and/or an adjective (as well as genitive nouns), and it can be placed before a relative clause or in another noun phrase in the sentence. For instance: The juxtaposition between frogs and toads is negligible. The student argued against the teacher's blatant juxtaposition of the subject material. In verb form: I juxtaposed the music from the 60s to the music of the 70s.

Knowles uses juxtaposition of the school an the grounds that surround it to establish?

Knowles uses juxtaposition of the school and the grounds that surround it to establish symbolic value.

What actors and actresses appeared in Juxtaposition - 2010?

The cast of Juxtaposition - 2010 includes: Katie Selby as June Megan Solonika as Olivia

What is an example of a juxtaposition?

A juxtaposition is placing two opposing things close together to emphasize their differences. An example of juxtaposition is the opening lines of "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens: "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness".

What is another word for comparison?

contrast or juxtaposition

What is another word for compare and contrast?


What is an example of a juxtaposition in song lyrics?


Is there juxtaposition in Early to bed early to rise?

I'm not 100% sure it's a juxtaposition, but yes, "early to bed" and "early to rise" are the two elements.