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Lettuce, spinach, & cabbage are but a few examples of leaves eaten for food.

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What are examples of leaves for food.?

basil, lettuce, many others. its not too hard to imagine what leaves are used for food.

What are examples of biodegradable items?

Some examples are food, paper, wood, organisms, leaves, and leather.

5 biodagradable examples?

left over food fruit peelings leaves fruit seeds paper

What are the examples of plants from leaves?

plants from leaves

What are 2 examples of pinnately compound leaves?

the two examples of pinnately compound leaves are black walnut and neem leaves

What are some examples of inedible leaves?

Examples of inedible leaves would be poison ivy, sumac, and rhubarb leaves.

Why are the leaves called food factories?

the leaves called food factories because the leaves maintaining producing food

How do leaves make food for the plant?

leaves makes food.

Give at least 5 examples of biodegradable substances?

Food refuse Tree leaves Grass clippings Paper Cotton rags

Which one is not an example of a chemical change Leaves on trees changing color A cake baking Food being digested All are examples of chemical changes?

All are examples of chemical changes

Where food goes after it leaves the stomach?

After the food leaves the stomach it goes into the intestines.

Why are leaves called 'food factories'?

because the food comes from the leaves

What are examples of biodegradable materials?


What is the examples of alternate leaves?


How do leaves make their own food?

leaves do not make food, the food comes from the soil through roots, the leaves do have an effective means of storing the energy - photosynthesis.

What is the ants role?

the ants role in life is to please their queen ant. they may do this by doing what she asks them to do. some examples are, gathering food and leaves.

Why are leaves called Food factories?

Because the food comes from the kathlene claire,,,,,

What part of the carrot makes it food?

It is the leaves. The leaves get water and make food from that. MConnor

What kind of food beetles prefer?

dead leaves,dried leaves,food crumbs

What is the tissue that carries food from the leaves?

The phloem carries the food down from the leaves. Not to be confused with xylem, which carries water up to the leaves.

What are examples of compound leaf?

Black walnut leaves, rose bush leaves, and the Ohio Buckeye tree's leaves

Do croton leaves make food?

yes. it can make its food if the plant can make its own food by using its no colour leaves

Does a plants roots make food for the plant?

Roots don't make food, the leaves do. The food is transferred from the leaves to the roots.

Do plants make food in there roots or leaves?

They produce glucose (food) in their leaves through photosynthesis

Can red leaves make food?

yes they make food the same way as green leaves do.