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Non-biodegradable materials are things that can't be broken down easily by natural processes. For example, plastic shopping bags would take thousands of years to be degraded (broken down).

Some examples of non-biodegradable materials are:


polystyrene (styrofoam)




silicon-based materials/circuit boards



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Q: What are examples of non-biodegradable material?
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Is papers a nonbiodegradable waste?

No, paper will biodegrade (it is an organic material).

Is cow dung is nonbiodegradable?

No. Cow dung is organic material which definitely makes it biodegradable.

Is glass nonbiodegradable?

It is a lot!

Is aluminum foil nonbiodegradable?


Why are humans the only organisms that produce nonbiodegradable substances?

We are the only organisms that we know of that can understand and apply scientific knowledge to create nonbiodegradable substances.

What are the two classification of refuse?

Biodegradable and nonbiodegradable

Is a fishing line biodegradable or nonbiodegradable and why?

its plastic

What is nonbiodegradable waste?

Nonbiodegradable waste is basically "trash that doesn't decompose naturally". Meaning that bacteria will not break it down and turn it into topsoil. Thinks like banana peels will decompose very quickly, thus they are biodegradable. But plastics, foams, and metals will not decompose, thus they are nonbiodegradable.

What are examples of material technology?

Some examples of material technology are - Wood - Tools - Nails

From nonbiodegradable plastic to biodegradable plastic?

its a lover boy

How is biodegradable waste more useful than nonbiodegradable waste?

Biodegradable waste is more useful because it degrades. It breaks down into nutrients and organic material that is useful, like compost.

Why use less plastic?

plastic is nonbiodegradable and contributes to pollution

Waste management in a vegetable market?

biodegradable nonbiodegradable are produce in the market

Is bronze statue is a biodegradable substance?

it is a nonbiodegradable substance, it corrodes, slowly.

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examples of dierect material,indirect,labour,and expenses cost

What is material and non material give any 2 examples?

Material: Flesh and Animals Non Material: Ideas and Thoughts

Example of heterogeneous material?

Examples of heterogeneous material include salt water, coffee, cement and cottage cheese. Examples of homogeneous material include granite, blood, sand, and salt.

Why is nonbiodegradable plastic became biodegradable plastic?


What are examples of material culture in the Philippines?


What are examples of non biodegradable material?


What are neutral examples?

An example of a neutral material is

What is an example of an insoluble material?

Oil and petroleum jelly are two examples of an insoluble material.

Effects of plastic in the environment?

plastic being nonbiodegradable leads to pollution the can rip easily

What is an conductive material?

This a material with a high thermal or electrical conductivity.Examples: silver, copper, gold.

Silk nylon and wool are examples of what?

- Silk nylon is an artificial material.- Wool is a natural material.