What are examples of potenial energy?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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An example of potential energy: a cocked trebuchet

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Q: What are examples of potenial energy?
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What is another word for stored energy?

potenial energy

What is the sum of potenial and kenetic energy?

Total energy.

What determines an objects potenial energy?

why are you asking me

Is potenial energy scaler or vector?


Would fresh vegetables have chemical energy or potential energy?

potenial energy because the vegtable is just sitting there and it has the potenial energy to fall and that is because of its position or condition!

What kind of energy is it called when a pitcher is holding a baseball in it?

It's called potenial energy.

Why is it called chemical potenial energy?

because it is the energy stored in atoms and the bonds between them.

Is a nuclear power plant an example of kinetic or potential energy?


What exactly is potenial energy?

Potential Energy Is Stored Energy The Formula For Potential Energy Of An Object is Ep=mgh Which Is Mass Mulitpled by Gravity Then By Height.

What newton law describes the behavior of your book sitting on the table until they move it?

potenial energy

The energy an object has because of where it is or because of it's condition is called potenial energy. true or false?

Type your answer here...yes man

When does the catupolt have potenial energy?

When the elastic is drawn back by the action of work done by the boy, potential energy is at a maximum, stored in the elastic. When it is released most of the energy is converted into kinetic energy of the stone.