What are facts about Alberta?

1. It has the sunniest city in Canada. (Calgary)

2. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta.

3. Alberta was named after Queen Victoria's daughter

4. Alberta became a province in 1905

5. It contains plains in the form of prairies, mountains, foothills, and boreal forests

6. It contains the world's second largest mall in Edmonton, being the West Edmonton Mall

7. The provincial flower is the Wild Rose

8. The provincial bird is the Great Horned Owl

9. It has a population of 3,256,800 people.

10. The total area it covers is 661,848 km2

11. Its main primary industries is agriculture, oil and gas, and forestry

12. It is one of the land-locked provinces of Canada

13. It is home to the Greatest Show on Earth, being the Calgary Stampede
albertais the suniest provice in canada.