What are facts about Brunei?

These are some that I can recall right now.

  • there is a water village. It is like a normal village, but it is on top of water. very interesting huh.
  • Proboscis monkey can only be found in Brunei and Sabah. They have awesome noses. you'll see what I mean after you look at the monkeys' picture.
  • Bruneians can actually understand what malaysians and indonesians say, but it is not likely the other way round. (correct me if I'm mistaken)
  • there is this food called 'ambuyat' that tastes good for a huge percentage of bruneians and tastes bad for the other percentage. Same goes to the exotic fruit, the DURIAN, you should really try it when you go to Brunei, Malaysia, or some other Asian countries.
  • that is all i can actually type. well, I'm gonna be honest, I'm just lazy to type more =D