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Colonial America had 13 colonies. Those 13 colonies were split into 3 different regions based on their different characteristics: The New England Colonies, The Middle Colonies, and The Southern Colonies.


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It should be colonial America. If it is a title like the title of this category it should Colonial America.

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the country that colonial America is in is new England

It was going on by the 1600s in colonial America.

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the old age in colonial America was about 20

Groundfishing was the first colonial industry in America.

The Colonial Dames of America was created in 1890.

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Colonial America took place from the 18th century to the 19th century.

Fishing has always been around and even in colonial America there was fishing.

Religion in Colonial America discusses the beginnings of religion in America, ... Overall, religion was an important aspect in the colonization of America.

The profession in Colonial America that was always the one to make flags was upholsters. Colonial America refers to the time of 1492 to 1763.

The colonial settlers from England.

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Colonial American were what people be lived in America colonial style. They ruled by the mean British and fed up with the King. Formed America.

some facts are that the colonial people loved sweets and that some people slept in the fireplace in their house in the Winter. pretty amazing huh?

Democracy was limited in colonial America because of the colonial system. The people in the colonies had no right to representation in the English Parliament.

Please tell me about large landowners during the Colonial period in North America.

In the early years of Colonial America, only white, male, landowners could vote.

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